Orange Business named Genesys EMEA Partner of the Year

Orange Business named Genesys EMEA Partner of the Year

At the inaugural European Genesys Partner Awards 2019 held in Amsterdam, global communications service provider and integrator Orange Business was awarded EMEA Partner of the Year. The award ceremony took place on the Partner Day of the Genesys G-Summit Europe.
“As customer experience continues to evolve, organizations must adapt and learn how to harness new technology in compelling ways. “We sought to recognize the work of our partners and the contribution they have made in delivering world-class customer experience solutions to end customers. We are delighted to recognize Orange Business as the winner of EMEA Partner of the Year at the inaugural European Genesys Partner Awards 2019.”

Paul Rolfe, Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances for Genesys

The award celebrates the success of our multinational deployments in 2019, acknowledges the vast growth of our customer base and recognizes our expertise in Genesys Cloud and PureEngage. Our extensive understanding of Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, is the result of twenty years of partnership, rooted in a joint engagement strategy and strong executive commitment.

From public and private cloud and on-premises solutions to hybrids, we are able to help customers extend the value of Genesys products. We are experienced at integrating Genesys products into the Orange Unified Engagement Suite and support the customer at every step of the journey. Having such a close link, we are very proud to be the first partner to deploy the Genesys Altocloud predictive engagement solution in Europe, putting us in a unique position.

Our repertoire of over 100 satisfied customers and thousands of Genesys licenses managed worldwide puts our success into perspective, and working with a range of big international names shows the scale of our dedicated partnership.

“Our expertise in delivering custom solutions, combined with our global reach and flexible delivery models, makes us the right partner to deploy and integrate contact centers across multiple regions. Now, at the forefront of cloud contact center and AI solutions, we provide the technologies that you need in order to achieve positive business outcomes and transform your customer engagement.”

Sandra Collomb, Head of Marketing and International Sales, Orange Business

Having been partners for over two decades, our fortified past will lead us on to an innovative future.

Trust and engage with us.

Sandra Collomb

Sandra Collomb has been the Head of the Customer Relationship department since 2011, first for Orange Business and then for Orange Applications for Business.

After several years working in a consulting firm, she joined Orange Business as sales team manager. She is deeply involved in customer relationship topics: focusing on their own clients and end users to better understand them, anticipate their behavior and to ultimately make them feel unique by customizing each interaction. It has been her area of expertise as well as her center of interest since the beginning of her professional career. Her current role is managing business partners and above all to lead her team to provide companies with the most efficient customer relationship possible.