Managed Contact Center with Genesys

Customer Experience has become one of the most vital business issues of our times. Digital has empowered a new generation of smart consumers with very high expectations, perfectly prepared to take their business elsewhere if they do not get the engagement they want. Orange helps you stand out from the competition, delivering seamless and effortless experience from the time customers initiate contact through to issue resolution.

Choose a solution customizable enough to meet your needs

Benefit from an omnichannel contact center secured by Orange cloud and powered by world-leading Genesys technology. From standard customer service to very specific requirements, we build a service that fully aligns with your business objectives and develop unique applications to simplify your day-to-day activities.

Turn your challenges into business opportunities


Orange helps you stand out

We bring together the power of a global telecom operator and a digital service provider, leveraging our unique know-how in software development and system integration.