Orange Business optimizes hybrid work with Microsoft 365

How about embracing positive productivity in your company? This approach maximizes the desire to get things done, provides the right resources and boosts everyone's efficiency, explains Marie-Hélène Briens, VP, Employee Experience Portfolio at Orange Business.

We can all see that, while companies and organizations have rapidly evolved during the pandemic with the widespread adoption of remote work, there is still a lot to be done to optimize this hybrid work, which is now a daily practice for many clients. The challenge is to unleash what we at Orange Business call positive productivity.

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Inspire employees

Positive productivity is the productivity of the new generation, one that gives employees both the desire and the means to be effective. After listening to our clients and accompanying them in their projects, I am convinced that this vision must serve as the guiding principle for any investment and any transformation project in a digital work environment. Unleashing unrestrained, easier, more creative and more satisfying productivity benefits everyone, whether it's the individual employee or the company.

In concrete terms, we have identified five common challenges faced by all our clients, regardless of their industry, that need to be addressed to unlock each component of this positive productivity:

  • Create a digital workplace centered on users, their needs and their operating modes, to unleash employees' capacity to contribute to value creation
  • Develop an attractive employee experience to enhance satisfaction with digital tools
  • Deploy a high-performing, flexible and scalable hybrid work environment to optimize the balance between personal and professional life
  • Manage fleets of devices, operating systems and applications in a modern and efficient way, enabling IT teams to focus on what brings the most value to the business – I call this Positive IT
  • Co-build a responsible company every day, in tune with environmental, social and governance issues

An outstanding lever for added value

This positive productivity can be achieved through the Microsoft 365 environment and cross-approaches with experts from Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense. However, we have noticed that this ecosystem is still largely underutilized by its users. After a massive deployment in a hurry, not everything has been done to take advantage of this remarkable lever of digital transformation to create value. For example, I often hear that many people are still sending email attachments to ask for contributions, which can generate a pretty big waste of collective time.

As a long-standing and privileged partner of Microsoft for over 20 years, Orange Business stands alongside its clients to maximize the use of Microsoft 365 licenses. Microsoft offers a range of solutions whose interoperability is planned from the outset, which is a huge advantage. Our role at Orange Business is first and foremost to help deploy and maintain Microsoft solutions. For example, in Defender, there can be over 200 parameters to manage, and it is vital not to make any mistakes – and as our experts have done a lot of configuration work, they are very experienced.

We also support change management, ensuring that our solutions are technically sound and user-friendly. For example, we know how to significantly improve the perceived quality of Teams meetings (yes, it is important to give a star score at the end of your meetings), and we have done it for many customers. Finally, we know that companies were not born during the pandemic. They already had a whole technological legacy in place, like telephony, for example – we help them migrate to telephony in Teams without losing functionality and in compliance with current regulations.

From the development of a roadmap to the deployment of solutions and their adoption, I know from experience that the work is considerable and demands sustained attention, from start to finish. Value creation for the company depends on it. We accompany every major stage of a project to identify and unleash the sources of positive productivity, and it's exciting.

Marie-Hélène Briens Ware

As VP, Employee Experience Portfolio, Marie-Hélène’s role is to organize and evolve the wide portfolio of solutions for the transformation of the digital workspace of Orange Business customers. There is a deep transformation going on with how we work, where we work and why we work, which requires the right digital solutions. Marie-Hélène has been with Orange for 20 years. In recent positions she has been in B2B: she spent a few years as pre-sales manager, sales manager on the French Enterprise market, B2B strategy and operations across the Orange footprint, and head of Customer Experience for Orange Business. She lives a lovely life in London, where she enjoys bird watching, old movies and playing squash in her rather scarce spare time – and she can’t wait to share all this with her young daughter.