The employee experience and user adoption: keys to “positive productivity”

Creating "positive productivity" involves optimizing the employee experience and addressing IT challenges, with a particular focus on user adoption. Vivien Boistuaud, Head of Workplace Business Development, Europe at Orange Business, explains how.

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"Positive productivity" is the next-generation productivity, as we envision it at Orange Business. It is more than just a concept: it is an approach to productivity that should serve as a guiding principle for all investments and digital transformation projects, aiming to provide employees with both the desire and the means to be effective.

In my view, approaching organizational transformation to create this positive productivity involves several aspects. The first is the employee experience, including the integration of third-party applications and business applications into collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams. This environment is now widely adopted by companies and organizations worldwide, and Orange Business, as a long-standing and privileged partner of Microsoft, assists its clients in optimizing this setup.

Taking over the complexity

The second challenge is technological. In this regard, I often find that Orange Business expertise comes down to taking over the complexity that arises from it, simplifying our clients' lives. In countries like India or China, regulations, for example, do not allow for a single voice provider. Orange Business cannot eliminate the complexity of these issues, obviously. Still, we can become the preferred partner capable of handling these situations end-to-end, providing a solution to our client. The result: smoother processes and enhanced productivity.

Another critical success factor, in my opinion, is user adoption of tools. There's no point in having the best solution in the world if no one is willing or able to use it… Not everyone is born with a tablet, smartphone or computer in their hands. People do not all respond to change in the same way, nor do they readily embrace the tools made available to them.

Finally, not everything is always optimized correctly, from the deployment of a solution to enabling its full utilization by everyone. Identifying bottlenecks and resistance is crucial for success.

Unexpected but real obstacles

Aware of these challenges, Orange Business offers Customer Success Management services that team up with our clients to analyze the difficulties faced by their users and find ways to overcome them, sometimes resulting in surprises.

We worked alongside Mondelez, one of our major clients in the food transformation industry, to deploy Nice CXOne as a solution for their call center, integrating Teams. The main barrier to adopting the solution had nothing to do with telecoms or pure IT but was related to the availability of audio headsets. The lead time to obtain one was eight days, depriving employees of the ability to make phone calls and participate in meetings properly.

Thanks to Customer Success Management and in collaboration with the company, we managed to reduce this waiting time to two days, which had a significant impact on employee satisfaction and productivity.

Vivien Boistuaud
Vivien Boistuaud

Vivien is responsible for driving and developing the transformation of the digital workspace for Orange Business European customers and alignment with key partners. He has almost two decades of experience in software development, sales, data and marketing in various fields such as medical research, information technology and telecoms. For more than 10 years serving Orange Business' international customers, he has focused on delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions.