Leveraging Microsoft 365 to secure your digital workspace

Meeting companies' cybersecurity needs requires knowing how to optimize their Microsoft 365 licenses. Julien Menissez, Product Manager at Orange Cyberdefense, presents the key points of such an approach.

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Most of the world’s major companies and organizations now use Microsoft Teams and, more broadly, Microsoft 365. They often have a Microsoft 365 Enterprise license, which includes a range of cybersecurity software. These tools enable them to carry out cybersecurity actions.

The stakes are so high for our clients that I think it is important to emphasize the major investments made by Microsoft. Our long-standing partner has invested over five billion dollars in research and development and the acquisition of specialized companies over the last five years. This investment allows them to address almost all issues related to exponential digital risks, like fraud, attacks and the protection of personal data, for example.

Ensuring consistency in cybersecurity

Microsoft 365 users, therefore, have access to top-notch resources to secure their digital workspace. As we see on our missions every day, the challenge is knowing how to use them optimally, by being able to articulate the different solutions implemented by the company for the best efficiency, at the best cost.

In general, it is essential to have a concrete and comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity best practices and to understand how the dedicated solutions and tools included in these Microsoft 365 licenses work. I am thinking of Defender, which can be used to protect environments, from endpoints to the cloud, against various threats and ensure prevention as well as coordinated responses to attacks.

We know it is especially crucial to understand one's own needs so that the configuration of these software solutions can align with the security targets. Finally, the deployment of these security solutions must be consistent with the company's overall cybersecurity strategy. In other words, I believe companies must receive support in implementing these security strategies.

The Orange Threat Intelligence on top

This is where Orange Cyberdefense comes in. With several thousand cyberdefense experts, including more than 150 with Microsoft security certifications, we have the expertise, experience and resources to define, implement and manage a cybersecurity strategy 24/7, 365 days a year, tailored to our clients' needs, leveraging the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and integrating their legacy systems. Orange Cyberdefense, a Microsoft security partner and member of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association (MISA), is even among the 30 players worldwide to have a managed service certified Managed XDR by Microsoft.

I want to share one last point with you. Orange Cyberdefense provides its clients with Threat Intelligence, a first-rate intelligence service for cyber threats that refines threat detection and incident prioritization. This allows us to add significant value to Microsoft's high-performance security solutions.

Julien Ménissez
Julien Ménissez

Julien Ménissez, Product Manager at Orange Cyberdefense, is responsible for building service offerings to help businesses improve their cybersecurity. The Microsoft technology-based services he promotes simplify cybersecurity management and shape a more secure digital society.