Orange Business: leading the way in collaboration, EX and customer contact

Many companies talk about enabling the future workplace, but not all can deliver on it. According to the latest GlobalData Product Assessment Report on Collaboration and Customer Contact (Global), Orange Business is positioned as a market leader in the space.

The evolution of the hybrid working model has been fast, and it’s quickly become accepted as a mainstream practice and a business norm. Research backs up hybrid: 78% of employees say hybrid working has enhanced their overall wellbeing, and 51% said they would quit their jobs if asked to give up their new hybrid working model.

Hybrid working is enabled by the digital workplace, which has also evolved into a strategic issue. The digital workplace is all about empowering companies and employees and delivering business benefits in terms of productivity, happiness and worker loyalty – all enabled by an effective employee experience (EX). And research shows that good EX itself positively impacts the bottom line: strong EX makes companies 25% more profitable and doubles customer satisfaction rates.

Enabling the future of work today

Orange Business focuses on five key areas to empower our customers with a workplace fit for the future, today.

  • Employee engagement and agility are enabled by an employee-centric digital workplace
  • Employee satisfaction is delivered by an outstanding employee experience
  • Companies can attract and retain the best talent by offering a high-performance hybrid work environment
  • Digital transformation is accelerated by modern management techniques
  • Ethical and social governance (ESG) goals can be reached more quickly and efficiently by being a sustainable, responsible company

We partner with Microsoft, Cisco and other expert providers to seamlessly blend connectivity and voice services. We leverage enhanced analytics, internal network monitoring and application management tools to empower companies and help them deliver top-quality experiences.

Orange offers Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and API-based solutions to ensure smooth communication integration into applications. We’ve invested in process automation and have already automated over 600 common processes. We manage over 100,000 virtual desktops and more than 1.5 million unified endpoint management (UEM) licenses, offering a combination of slim-client and cloud-hosted solutions.

Work with a market-leading collaboration expert

GlobalData assessed Business Together, our suite of cloud-hosted and on-premises voice, unified communications, collaboration and contact center solutions, and rated it as market-leading. GlobalData also highlighted our consultative and transformative approach to customer engagements and underlined the importance of how we guide customers through digital transformation initiatives while remaining vendor neutral.

Key areas of distinction cited by GlobalData include:

  • Future of work: Orange has a wide-ranging “future of work” portfolio, which combines collaboration, customer contact and desktop-as-a-service components alongside compelling managed integration services marketed under the banner of “Workplace Together”
  • Analytics: Leveraging its acquisition of Business and Decision gives Orange compelling access to analytics capabilities
  • APIs: Strong work in this area includes a future roadmap enabling enhancement to our customer port and self-manage options and strengthened integration capabilities

GlobalData also forecasts that the global communications and collaboration market will grow at a CAGR of 6.99% to reach a value of $394 billion by 2027.

To learn more about why GlobalData rates Orange Business so highly in the collaboration field, read the GlobalData Orange Business - Collaboration and Customer Contact (Global) report today: Provide an outstanding employee experience | Orange Business.

Steve Harris

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