Evolution Platform: delivering digital transformation that’s built for impact

We’re bringing our expertise in cloud, connectivity, security and digital integration to digital transformation in a composable platform that’s built for impact.

The race is on. Gartner reports that 75% of organizations aim to accelerate their digital transformation plans by 2025. Driven by consumers embracing online services at the start of the pandemic and many businesses continuing to work remotely, this shift means every enterprise needs to pick up the pace or risk falling behind.

But that’s easier said than done. Changing the way your entire organization works is a huge challenge. According to McKinsey & Company, 70% of transformations fail.

To make sure projects are successful and delivered at speed, businesses need a new approach. They need to make smarter decisions about strategy earlier and roll out implementation faster. So we are introducing our new Evolution Platform.

A platform for success

The biggest roadblocks to digital transformation stem from its complexity. Aligning business goals with digital strategy, managing interdependencies between network and cloud solutions, and staying on top of cybersecurity is a lot to think about. And that’s before you begin working with multiple vendors to piece it all together.

This all needs specialist skills and dedicated time. McKinsey & Company found one of the main factors why transformations fail is that organizations either don’t have the right capabilities, or for those that do, their people have multiple responsibilities within their roles, so they can’t provide dedicated oversight.

Inside our Evolution Platform approach, we are combining our unique capabilities in “Cloud, Connectivity, Security, Digital Integration” to help our customers turn digital complexity into disruptive opportunities, enabling them to build their ways of operating in a sustainable way.

Support at every stage

You can’t buy digital transformation off the rack. It must be tailored. So rather than selling individual products, our Evolution Platform experts will work with organizations to create a strategy that suits their business goals. And to kick start this process, we’ve put together a range of distributed connectivity and security solutions that can help organizations home in on their biggest challenges.

Our infrastructure strategy is the way to provide our customers with the What and the How. We team the company strategy with the infrastructure strategy, solving the equation between several key elements: current infrastructure, company strategy, new projects, cloud impact, technology and cost.

We are building this with the business lines, the IT department, and the company highest level management team to design a solution that will have the greatest impact. Depending on an enterprise’s need, these advisors can even work in-house and oversee transformation projects. This frees up the company’s IT team to focus on their wider business, while still giving them the reassurance that the installation is being expertly managed.

Meanwhile, our distributed connectivity and security portfolio gives teams the freedom to work how and where they want. Our wide range of solutions also allows organizations to maintain control of their applications, data and devices.

Digital transformation journey is all about using digital building blocks operated through the cloud-native delivery model. We offer multi-cloud orchestration and optimization independently of the underneath infrastructure.

This draws on our network, cloud and cybersecurity expertise to help businesses disentangle the complexity of their hybrid cloud and keep applications secure, connected and performing at their best. In addition, our cloud connectivity and multi-cloud networking solutions help growing organizations to achieve end-to-end simplification and automation of enterprise networking in the cloud era.

A strategic partnership

We’re a network operator, systems integrator and over-the-top service provider, as well as a technology and services developer. This means we know how to design, implement and manage digital services. Our Evolution Platform enables organizations to benefit from our expertise more than ever.

We have more than 700 consultants on five continents. They all understand their local environments, cultural needs and regulatory challenges and help organizations introduce better ways of working, designed for the market they’re in. Our consultants are supported by our 2,400 cloud experts, running our infrastructure strategy consulting projects. Our 2,500-strong cyberdefense team is recognized as a global leader in managed security.

We have a large ecosystem of partners, including world leaders like AWS, Fortinet, Microsoft and Cisco, as well as innovative start-ups, which enables us to deliver simplicity and better TCO through digital integration and orchestrations. We can lean on both their skills and solutions to better realize organizations’ ambitions.

Make digital transformation a mindset, not a project

Digital transformation never really ends. Market changes and new innovations mean organizations always need to rethink how they work. Stay tuned for more news in our Evolution Platform blog series. In our next post, we’ll be focusing on our new Infrastructure Strategy Advisors and how to align your business and infrastructure strategies for the greatest success.

Wherever you are on your journey, it pays to have a partner that can bring the worlds of business and technology together. We have the network, the knowledge and the technology your organization needs. Talk to us about it.

Franck Morales
Franck Morales

Franck is Vice President, Evolution Platform, a new strategic program focused on building the future orchestrated cloud-native infrastructure for our customers to ensure the delivery of real business outcomes. Outside his professional life, Franck enjoys cultural activities such as opera, especially Italian ones, and loves the theater. Sports also figure in his free time, especially cycling, running and skiing.