all you need to know about password security [blogbook]

Because we are at Orange Business doesn't mean small things like passwords aren't important. Even more than SMEs, multinational companies have people who own pieces of information worth hacking and who are easily tempted to overlook everyday security processes. So our security bloggers thought a password-dedicated blogbook wouldn't be a bad thing...

password = nightmare

"Passwords are everywhere: in your computer, your webmail or your online bank account. Everyone knows they must be strong but we always try to simplify them as much as possible - there are so many passwords in our lives that you just can’t remember them all." And this is where things get ugly...

So, to cope with this, here's what you'll find in this blogbook:

  1. basic rules according to Sébastien: what makes a password a good one
  2. Jean-François' advices not to get lost in these rules and apply them wisely
  3. Vincent's tools to measure your passwords' strength

(By the way, for those of you who still don't know what a blogbook is, here's a quick recap: we gather blog posts around a common theme and repackage them so that we have all these contents at the same place, downloadable (for free!) and printable)

So, click here to download our passwords and security blogbook.

about our other blogbooks...

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