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  • Transformación digital y el futuro de las empresas: el poder de la disrupción
    Para 2020, los gastos en iniciativas de transformación digital alcanzará los 22.000 millones de dólares, según IDC. Descargue esta whitepaper con información sobre las perspectivas del mercado, los pilares que deben ser trabajados durante el proceso de transición y las tecnologías involucradas.
  • Transformação digital e o futuro dos negócios: o poder da disrupção
    Até 2020, os gastos com iniciativas de transformação digital vão atingir US$ 22 bilhões, segundo a IDC. Baixe este whitepaper e entenda as perspectivas do mercado, os pilares que devem ser trabalhados em um processo de transição e as tecnologias envolvidas.
  • How is Artificial Intelligence  shaping the future of Tech in Silicon Valley?
    The Orange Institute guides companies around the world through the changes we’re seeing in a rapidly expanding digital economy. Find out how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a force for positive change in the workplace, our daily life, and society. Download the report.
  • Artificial intelligence: what's next?
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made spectacular progress in recent years, in particular as a result of "deep learning" technology. As long as it can be trained with data enabling it to “learn” a specific task, AI can even exceed human performance for a specific task. Find out how in this ebook.
  • Careem
    An Orange Business Talk solution is enabling Careem, a rapidly-growing tech startup in Dubai that offers a chauffeur-driven car service with an easy-to-use digital booking process, to accelerate growth across the Middle East. Download the case study to find out more.
  • PwC Brazil
    An Orange cloud-based telephony solution has enabled PwC Brazil to increase the support it provides and to meet the needs of changing, more flexible working patterns. Download this case study to read more.
  • Connectivity optimizing the automotive industry
    Orange is preparing for the future uses of connected cars, relying on our cutting-edge network infrastructure, our proven understanding and expertise in customer journeys and our key partners in the value chain to help our customers with the secure deployment of the connected vehicles of tomorrow.
  • JTI


    JTI chose Orange to unify its global collaboration tools, to enhance the unified communications experience for 23,000 end users and to reduce costs.
  • Maritime use case
    The maritime industry is in a period of rapid digitization. Orange Business Services explains what parameters to consider when you're evaluating how to implement maritime connectivity globally and securely today, but also with an eye into the future. Read more in this use case.
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
    Speed up your IT roadmap and integrate new organizations more smoothly with a hybrid network, cloud strategy and software-as-a-service, compared to traditional on-premise IT and network. Find out how in this use case.


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