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  • Last Date of Support (LDoS) Assessment
    With our Cisco LDoS assessment you can get a full view of your Cisco IT estate. Find out what equipment you’ve purchased, what is under service and what is approaching LDoS, so you can proactively plan for LDoS and avoid related outages, security breaches and out-of-cycle budget expenditures.
  • Asset Armageddon Survival Guide
    Devices past the Last Date of Support (LDoS) can cripple your network. Are you prepared or blind to the threat? This whitepaper explains in detail how products get to LDoS and how you can avoid Asset Armageddon before it becomes reality. Download it now.
  • As the primary players in the early exchanges with customers, sales people are the company’s ambassadors. Their attitudes are the key differentiators in the customer relationship. In our connected world, digitalizing the sales staff’s working environment is a major challenge.
  • What role for RH in 2020
    The objective of this white paper is to understand the major societal trends, economic, and technology that will transform the Human Ressources function over the next ten years, in order to deduce the necessary changes on its missions, skills, postures, and trades .
  • An easily-provisioned SIM card solution from Orange Business Services provides Konetik with secure, reliable connectivity; cost-effective cross-border roaming; and driver access to data, and is helping Konetik simplify and streamline SME fleet management.
  • The OpenStack Opportunity
    While all sectors are seeking to seize the advantages offered by the cloud, open source puts forward especially attractive arguments. Among them is OpenStack, which in the space of five years has become a major reference. Download this document to find out if it's right for your business.
  • Power in partnering: InfoVista
    Getting accurate data on network performance is vital for smart capacity planning and transformation to a hybrid network. With InfoVista, we integrate solutions that provide bandwidth control, protect business continuity, and more, while reducing costs and improving end-user satisfaction. Read more.
  • Power in partnering: Riverbed Technology
    Businesses can be confident in how their applications are performing within their global networks thanks to our close partnership and strategic alignment with Riverbed. Read more about our long-standing partnership and our latest offerings in this brochure.
  • Power in Partnering: Cisco
    Together we help companies accomplish more with technology, thanks to applications, connectivity and services that improve internal communications and processes, create an exceptional end-user experience and reduce operating costs. Read about our partnership and products in this brochure.
  • The next steps in your digital journey
    Connectivity has never been more important to your business. This insight guide provides practical tips on how you can use your network more strategically to overcome the ever more increasing challenges of security and performance. Download the guide here.


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