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  • Business Together Microsoft
    Business Together Microsoft provides a unique experience to communicate efficiently within your company and across the world. With Business Together Microsoft, workers stay connected and work efficiently irrespective of their location, via a single interface on their PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Ontex
    For Ontex, a leading global producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions with headquarters in Belgium, Orange delivered a unified communications solution based on Business Together on the Microsoft Lync platform to support new working practices throughout Ontex’s global operations.
  • Dacom
    An Orange M2M solution across 30 countries, with tens of thousands of SIM M2M connections worldwide, has enabled Dacom to move towards its vision of using technology to enhance arable crop production around the world. Read more in this customer case study.
  • Business Together Microsoft
    Combining our consulting, integration, network voice and managed services with Microsoft Lync 2013, we implement and manage UC solutions that enable collaboration, security, operational efficiency and productivity through a single point of contact worldwide. Read more in this fact sheet.
  • flaik
    The Orange M2M solution, by providing secure, reliable, wireless service worldwide, has enabled flaik to take its revolutionary solutions for skiing, cycling and mountain biking worldwide and to open up new markets.
  • SIA


    With a mobile point-of-sale (POS) terminal M2M solution and global roaming connectivity services, Orange has enabled SIA to take a significant step forward in the creation of a single operating network at a European level to simplify payment communication between merchants and banks.
  • We're With You the World Over
    The attraction of high-growth markets is strong, and companies of all sizes are looking to new markets. With the strongest presence, consistent global portfolio, unrivaled service commitment and local experts in 166 countries, we can help you navigate new shores. Find out how in this brochure.
  • Application Performance Management is an Enterprise-Wide Program
    To improve collaboration between domains, reduce management overhead and align business and IT, a paradigm-shift in organizational capability is needed. Jump start by upgrading tools, then ensure maximum adoption. Here are our five steps for an effective application performance management strategy.
  • Delivering Security from the Cloud
    Security in the cloud can liberate your users from the restriction of Internet gateways, thereby improving both performance and flexibility. In this document, we suggest seven steps to make your cloud migration a success.
  • Securing the New Workspace
    New devices such as smartphones and tablets can help employees be more productive, but it's essential to have a comprehensive security strategy to protect the business from malware and data leakage. We suggest seven steps to minimize risk to your organization and secure the new workspace.