Back to work accelerator – Orange helps ensure safe return to work

With our data collection, analysis and cloud capabilities, Orange is helping Asia Pacific businesses manage their employees’ return to work.

COVID-19 led to an unprecedented wave of work-from-home obligations, and now, employees returning to work is proving to be highly challenging as well. How can you ensure that they feel as safe in the workplace as they do at home?

Workers’ fears are a true concern, and employers must ensure that they take all necessary means to protect the health and well-being of everyone in the office.

Studies show that working from home for extended periods of time creates distance between teams, limits productivity and has a severe impact on employees’ engagement and commitment. It also impacts mental health by weakening the boundaries between professional and personal lives.

Our new solution Real Time Decision Manager enables you to provide a healthier and safer working environment and alleviate some of the stress of returning to work by establishing smart hand-sanitizer stations throughout your workspaces. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • Asset monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Data visualization
  • Data-based decision making

We can provide both the hardware (sanitizing equipment and sensors) and the software as required, so you can place sanitizing stations wherever you need them and easily monitor their use and status. An interactive dashboard gives your key stakeholders complete visibility of how much each station is being used as well as the amount of sanitizer remaining in each dispenser in real time, helping you ensure that sanitizing gel is always conveniently available whenever and wherever it's needed. Real Time Decision Manager is quick to deploy and enables you to optimize the use of your existing assets.

Orange is dedicated to helping businesses build suitable solutions that encourage return to work and enhance safety. Leveraging our proven expertise in asset monitoring, data collection, analysis and decision making, we’ll help you shape your back-to-work policies and even accelerate them.


Solution details

Orange Back-to-Work Accelerator

The Orange Back-to-Work Accelerator allows for real-time monitoring, analyzing and acting upon what is happening in and around a smart building.

The accelerator is a prepackaged set of components and tools that allows businesses to safely return to work. Configurable to any business environment, it provides a framework to jump-start the construction of solutions that enable the reopening of businesses.

Based on Orange real-time digital twin technology, developers can quickly model the workplace and tie together data coming from cameras, IoT devices and other enterprise systems. This data is used to provide real-time awareness and enable decision-making tools to better serve and monitor the workforce during the Coronavirus pandemic or any subsequent outbreak of disease.


  • Symptom Detection
    If a person enters the office with a fever, the system will recognize this using the turret thermal camera and will immediately direct an office official to rescan the entrant. This ensures no occupants enter symptomatically or asymptomatically. As occupants exit and reenter, they are rescanned to ensure their temperatures stay normal.
  • Physical Distancing
    The Back to Work Accelerator can identify human figures at varying distances via object recognition and use their relative height to chart safe distances between people. When two or more people are in contagious proximity (6ft or less) of one another for an extended time, the system recognizes this using configured IP cameras and sends a notification to let the congregators know to keep their distance.
  • Occupancy Management
    When too many people enter a space, such as a kitchen, IP cameras coupled with object recognition cameras send an office admin to check on the status of the room or alerts the individuals in violation.
  • Smart Meeting Spaces
    People who utilize conference rooms and executive offices can begin meetings with a single touch and share their screens from their personal devices without the need to pass around an HDMI hookup or change tools. Occupants can seamlessly use Zoom or Airplay, or operate the monitors directly via Bluetooth devices. Meeting spaces are reserved ahead of time and display availability in integrated calendar schedulers so multiple groups do not end up crowding the space while attempting to begin conflicting meetings.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    The data coming from the network of hardware coupled with the Orange platform enables you to have real-time knowledge of the space as things are happening. We can then integrate this data into dashboards that can aid office officials and occupants in deciding if and when they should come into the office, where to sit, where they should meet someone, when sanitizers need refilling, when the kitchen is available, and more.


  • Rapid development of real-time applications
  • Mix-and-match capabilities to address your needs
  • Fully customizable to any industry and business environment
  • Open-ended integration with cameras, IoT sensors, enterprise systems and many other technologies


Have a look at a sample Back to Office dashboard, designed with our partner Vantiq.