Orange credibility in cloud services is boosted by its strong integration credentials

Date: January 2022
Analyst: Adrian Dominic Ho


In Omdia’s Enterprise Cloud Services Assessment on Orange, the analyst firm notes that we show deep integration capabilities and a strong track record. Our acquisitions have strengthened our consulting capabilities and credentials, and our data analytics skills bring a unique value proposition to the table. Furthermore, Omdia sees our co-creation with a business outcome approach and model as a strength.

Matthijs Stevens

"Across the globe, our customers are increasingly turning to cloud innovations as the basis of their digitalization efforts, in a strategic move to drive real business value and resiliency against the backdrop of a highly dynamic operating environment and distributed workforce. It is great to see Omdia recognize that we have strengthened our cloud capabilities organically, through partnerships with hyperscalers as well as through acquisitions, and notes how we offer a broad range of solutions and an ecosystem that any multinational can tap into. It is a confirmation of our strategy and the investments we've made."
Matthijs Stevens, Head of Cloud Europe at Orange Business

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