Analyst report

Omdia: Enterprise Cloud Services Assessment – Orange – 1Q22

Analyst firm Omdia has assessed the Orange Business cloud capabilities and stated that Orange has solid capabilities and partnerships.
  • Orange can use adjacent capabilities in AI, networks and security to bolster its cloud value proposition, delivering business solutions alongside co-creation models
  • The Orange credibility in cloud services is boosted by its strong integration credentials
  • From its growing partnership ecosystem, Orange is harnessing relationships with SAP and Microsoft for capabilities such as cloud certification and training, which are critical for multinational and large enterprise engagements
  • From strong relationships with hyperscalers, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Orange training and certification programs will reach 7,000 candidates by 2025; relationships are built around creating sovereign cloud environments, joint go-to-market (GTM) strategies and joint solutions
  • The Orange professional services capabilities were bolstered following its establishment of French cloud company Bleu; the Orange cloud and analytics capabilities in Europe were also strengthened by its acquisition of Login Consultants, Business & Decision and Basefarm.

In addition, Omdia recognizes that professional services and integration are one of the key strengths of Orange—the best in Europe, but with less depth in other regions. The ability to deliver business outcomes and invest in co-creation should be factored in.

Orange has strengthened its cloud capabilities organically through partnerships with hyperscalers (and certifications) as well as acquisitions. It offers a broad range of solutions and an ecosystem that any multinational can tap into. Its global data center footprint is also quite extensive.

Global multinationals should view Orange as an alternative cloud operator that is hungry to win new cloud business. European enterprises should consider Orange as it is a European leader among telecom providers, especially since Orange has a direct presence and the additional advantage of leveraging its MPLS network for direct cloud access.

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