Omdia recognizes the new Orange Business network-native Anywhere Workplace solution

Date: 7 July 2021
Analyst: Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst, Mobile Workspace


Enabling the “anywhere” workforce has become a digital transformation priority

The Orange Business people-centric approach is built on the understanding that digital workplace solutions must be adapted to the needs of different industries and workplace personas and is positive and in line with what enterprises will need from partners. CSPs, such as Orange Business, are in a strong position to support enterprises looking to realize value from any digital workspace initiative, largely due to the range of integrated connectivity, productivity, security and management capabilities they offer.


Vannina Kellershohn

"Enabling an 'anywhere' workforce requires a long-term strategy and approach that considers the people and processes in helping transform the very nature of how work gets done. We are very proud to see that Omdia recognizes that service providers that deliver richly integrated best-of-breed technologies and professional services and expertise focused on improving employee experiences can be valuable partners in supporting enterprises on the journey to the future of work. This strategic approach, and delivering a workplace focused on supporting optimal employee experiences, is at the heart of the our Anywhere Workplace proposition."
Vannina Kellershohn, SVP, Enriched Interaction & Collaboration, Orange Business

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