Orange Business leads the Asia Pacific telecom cloud services market assessment by GlobalData

Date: 25 May 2021
Analyst: Alfie Amir


According to GlobalData, Orange Business is a leader in the Asian telecom cloud market driven by wide product capabilities combined with strong professional services and solid performance in the Asia-Pacific region.

"The strong cloud adoption in the region is pushing service providers to expand their capabilities to capture the high-growth opportunity. While competition is increasing, Orange edges out other players with its portfolio, multi-cloud play and in-region professional services, balancing cloud with security and network needs. But a real standout is now helping organizations see cloud as a platform. The latter encompasses strategies for virtual machines, containers and microservices. It requires tools like low-code/no-code and intelligent automation. In this domain, with its Cloud Adviser platform, Orange provides customers with visibility on cloud usage, costs and security, followed by actionable recommendations that can be further implemented to improve the offer. This is ideal for businesses not shifting workloads from one environment to the next, but driving technology with cultural changes for high-impact outcomes."
- Alfie Amir, Senior Analyst at GlobalData Technology

Cloud and Data Center Services

Key strengths

  • Orange has strong professional and managed services capabilities through its heavy investment in the area
  • Its Flexible IT and Flexible Computing provide a range of public, hybrid, and private IaaS/PaaS offers across multiple cloud management environments including AWS, Azure, Google, VMware, and OpenStack
  • It has expanded its focus in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, e.g., in areas including intelligent automation, AIOps, and professional development in support of third-party partner clouds
  • Within the past year, Orange has dramatically increased its partnerships across APAC and globally
  • The Orange Next Gen Hub is available in 20 locations, including nine in APAC. It enhances multi-cloud solutions through interconnection to global cloud providers and provides service orchestration across different technology domains (e.g., network and security)
  • It offers Visibility-as-a-Service for end-to-end application performance measurement for SD-WAN and cloud migrations

Christophe Ozer

"We are very pleased that GlobalData has recognized Orange Business as a leader in the Asia Pacific telecom cloud services market for the second year in a row. The right public cloud strategy can help organizations take their operations to the next level and empower them to break into hard-to-reach markets. Instead of being locked down by a limited cloud provider, the Orange Business multi-cloud approach provides the best of all worlds, by sharing workloads and selecting services with the best features, greatest levels of flexibility and reliability, and at the most competitive price."
Christophe Ozer, Head of Orange Cloud for Business, Asia Pacific


GlobalData Competitive Landscape Assessment
Telco Cloud Services (Asia) - May 2021

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