Orange Business rated "Very Strong" in GlobalData Data Center and Cloud Services Product Assessment

Date: April 2020
Analyst: Amy Larsen DeCarlo


According to GlobalData, the multi-cloud efforts of Orange are paying dividends in both services innovation and revenue growth. The company’s response to customer challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak serves as a proof point of the company’s progress.


GlobalData Data Center and Cloud Services Product Assessment - April 2020

Key strengths

  • Catalog depth: Through both acquisition and organic expansion, Orange Business has built out an extensive data center solution set that spans colocation to the cloud. The provider also offers a strong set of managed application services, which it has extended to include support for multi-cloud and cloud-native applications as well as SAP & SAP HANA
  • Multi-cloud position: Orange Business has evolved its cloud strategy and expanded its partner roster to facilitate the effective management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Investments in areas including intelligent automation, AI ops, and professional development in support of third-party partner clouds are paying dividends as more organizations look for support managing workloads across disparate environments
  • Cloud momentum: Orange is seeing tremendous growth in cloud, boasting more than 19% organic growth. Sources of revenue are much more geographically diverse, with more than half coming from outside of France, a big jump from prior years
  • Offshore service provider: With the launch of offshore and maritime operations for ships in the seas and oceans, Orange has found a new prospect pool. The maritime IT services make Orange a more accessible global service provider through its secure, "ship-in-a-box" private cloud and IoT services
"We are very pleased to see that GlobalData recognizes Orange Business as Very Strong in its Data Center and Cloud Services Worldwide Product Assessment Report. GlobalData sets us ahead of the competition on the six metrics of the report.
Our positioning shows huge catalog depth ranging from managed application services to support for multi-cloud and cloud-native applications as well as SAP & SAP HANA. As a network-native digital-services company, our mission is indeed to support our customers throughout their cloud journey and help them meet major business challenges such as facilitating homeworking during the COVID-19 outbreak but also getting ready for future disruption through on-demand, modern, resilient, lasting information systems based on accelerated adoption of cloud. Strengths mentioned in the report also include our strong multi-cloud expertise with investments in areas including intelligent automation and AI ops.
GlobalData also underlines tremendous growth with more than half of our revenues coming from outside of France, proof of our global reach."

Cédric Parent, Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer for Cloud activities at Orange Business


GlobalData Data Center and Cloud Services Product Assessment - April 2020

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Buyers are recommended to consider the Orange very strong positioning

  • Digital transformation: Orange is well positioned to augment private cloud services with globally distributed public cloud services, supporting application migration and the switching of legacy systems to the cloud as well as managing the whole environment
  • Integrated portfolio: Orange should be considered as an end-to-end provider; its portfolio brings depth in public, private and hybrid cloud services across multiple technology platforms
  • France and Nordics leadership: Strength in local cloud data centers, networks and security resources makes Orange a potential top choice

Customer use case

Kerlink chose Orange Business to implement its IoT platform into the cloud.

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Creating a cloud-agnostic offer requires a broad vision. The ability of Orange to help us build a solution based on best practices and the best public cloud technologies is what won us over.

Jean-Christophe Caquet, Head of IT, Kerlink

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