GlobalData case study: McConnell Dowell outlines its IoT strategy for competing in the Australian construction industry

Date: 26 February 2021
Analyst: Dustin Kehoe, Malcolm Rogers


Construction company McConnell Dowell wanted to implement IoT on its worksites for efficiency and safety and chose Orange Business as a partner based on its willingness to create an open platform with repeatable use cases.


Dustin Kehoe

"Selling IoT to the construction industry especially requires rolling the sleeves up. This report details that having an open approach to IoT, engaging an ecosystem, playing a role of technology advisor and integrator is critical for the success of a provider, like Orange, selling IoT solutions that deliver outcomes, scale, and repeatability. A solution for steel fabrication today should be adapted to overhead gantries and panel tracking tomorrow with minimal adjustments.

"GlobalData interviewed McConnell Dowell, a major construction entity, to discuss its IoT strategy. This report discusses the challenges in the construction industry where each site and every build have its own requirements in terms of planning, resourcing, materials, and compliance. Therefore, controlling cost and driving new efficiencies is critical. As the sector transforms, IoT platforms such as Orange’s ‘Connected Sites’ helps to solve for tomorrow’s challenges (increasingly through data) as much as enabling a use case work today.

"In the future, we foresee IoT will be playing an important role in supporting areas such as Contactless Processes to improve health and safety, compliance with social distancing and overall improvements in business continuity. IoT platforms will continue to play an important role for digitizing manual tasks, improving environmental monitoring, asset management, and supply chain tracking."
Dustin Kehoe, GlobalData Asia/Pacific

Matthieu Smessaert

"We are honored that McConnell Dowell, a leading infrastructure construction company has selected Orange Business to design a customized, smart and scalable IoT solution. McConnell Dowell is revolutionizing the way infrastructure construction projects have been managed over the decades. Co-innovation led Orange and McConnell Dowell to co-create use case applications from innovation and ideation to platform deployment.

"We are excited to see our investments across multiple geographies and industry-specific IoT solutions coming to fruition, including our innovative Connected Sites as-a-service value proposition. It will enable construction sites to collect and report on real-time information, such as heavy machinery utilization and asset tracking, to enable smarter decision making for operational efficiency, time saving and cost reductions.

"As such, Orange Business is poised to become the partner of choice for enterprises seeking to deploy end-to-end IoT solutions at a regional or worldwide scale. I am grateful for the trust from our customers and partners alike and success we’ve had along the way in co-creating this innovative IoT journey together."
Matthieu Smessaert, Head of Enriched Connectivity and Smart Mobility Services, APAC

McConnell Dowell outlines its IoT strategy for competing in the Australian construction industry

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