Analyst report

McConnell Dowell outlines its IoT strategy for competing in the Australian construction industry

From this report:

As a major infrastructure construction company, McConnell Dowell had its fair share of industry challenges. Like others within the construction sector, the company is facing pressure to drive delivery of projects with fewer resources, identify ways to improve the overall utilization of laborers, and improve the on-time delivery of materials from factory to warehouse. There is also a need to better coordinate on-site assets such as cranes and conveyors with workers. Like its industry peers, there were many examples of engineers and project managers spending excessive time on administrative tasks rather than on the field, operations, or frontline work where they are needed most. If the balance is not struck, there can be an adverse impact on employee experience, customer service, and - ultimately - the ability to deliver on time and budget.

This GlobalData Advisory Report considers how McConnell Dowell, a major infrastructure construction company founded in 1961, developed a strategy and open architecture for using IoT to deliver outcomes, scale, and repeatability. The information was based on a discussion between the company and GlobalData technology analysts.

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