[Replay] Start Walking 5G: What is the importance of 5G in Industry 4.0?

Where does the future of the industry lie? The answer: in 5G. To help companies discover the power of this new network, Orange is organizing, in collaboration with several major industrial players, a 5G Test Community in the Port of Antwerp. Thanks to this innovative Industry 4.0 Campus, companies will be able to discover in real life the possibilities offered by 5G.

How important is 5G for Industry 4.0 and the Belgian economy? Which 5G applications are already in use in Belgium and abroad? What have we learned from the first tests? And what does the 5G roadmap look like in Belgium? You can find all the answers here.

5G: a game changer for Industry 4.0

“Orange 5G Campus in the Port of Antwerp and the new perspectives opened for industry use cases thanks to 5G performance.”

Watch our duo presentation with:
Valérie Cussac, Executive Vice President, Smart Mobility Services, Orange Business and
Werner De Laet, Chief Enterprise Officer, Orange Belgium

Duration: 23 minutes


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Discover the practical cases of the Antwerp Industry 4.0 Campus: Port of Antwerp, Covestro, BASF, Helicus and Boréalis.


  • #1 Port of Antwerp

In the Port of Antwerp, the powerful 5G network of Orange Belgium is of great help to tugboat operations. Camera images are transmitted in real time to help tugboats maneuver the large cargo ships more easily into the port.

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  • #2 Covestro

Orange Belgium has installed a 5G hub in the Port of Antwerp, which gives certain companies access to innovative applications. 5G has enabled polymer manufacturer Covestro to discover augmented reality for safer and more efficient processes.

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  • #3 BASF

At BASF, certain services such as maintenance and intervention crews invariably communicate via walkie-talkies connected over the Tetra network. Since this network will soon be obsolete, the port-based company is now busily exploring the possibilities of the Orange 5G network.

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  • #4 Helicus

In conjunction with thirty Belgian care institutions, platform provider Helicus has set up a project for the delivery of medical supplies via drones in Belgium. As an international expert and front runner in 5G, Orange Belgium is providing Helicus with the support they need.

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  • #5 Boréalis

Orange Belgium installed a 5G hub in the port of Antwerp to introduce companies to innovative applications. Boréalis, a chemical production company, had the chance to see first-hand that 5G is just as powerful as a cable network, but much more flexible.

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  • 5G is a game changer for Industry 4.0
  • The economic importance of 5G in Belgium
    Vincent Fosty, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Leader, North & South Europe, Partner at Deloitte
  • Case studies of Antwerp Industry 4.0 Campus
    Borealis, Covestro and Port of Antwerp
  • Looking to the future: how will Orange support Industry 4.0 over the next few years?


Thursday, 22 October 2020

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