Operational Support Services

Optimize costs and maximize the availability of your IT infrastructure with consistent support services worldwide



Operational Support Services

Choose Orange Business as your one-stop shop for global support

Orange Business presents Operational Support Services for IT equipment maintenance at all of your international sites.

With Operational Support Services, we provide quality support with global coverage, based on one-stop shopping and advanced technical support for incident diagnosis. You also benefit from the dispatch of replacement equipment to your site and the exchange of faulty equipment by our local technical experts.

Offer Detail

Operational Support Services in detail

Restore service in the event of an outage or malfunction with the help of an array of maintenance services

One-stop shop

Get 24/7 support by phone or online via My Service Space

  • Incident management
  • Remote diagnosis and resolution of incidents as feasible

Personalized services

Choose from various maintenance options:

  • Replacement equipment management
  • Onsite intervention
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)


How can I use Operational Support Services?

Operational Support Services

Different service commitments based on equipment

Choose the level of commitment you need based on the criticality of your IS and other activities.

  • For sensitive equipment or equipment on critical sites (e.g., data centers), you get advanced support in terms of replacement equipment delivery and onsite intervention within four hours, seven days a week
  • For all your other equipment, you can choose support with a lower commitment, i.e., the next working day after the incident is reported
Operational Support Services

Different levels of support at different sites

Depending on the resources you have at each of your sites, you might not need the same level of additional maintenance for your equipment.

  • For your sites with on-site technicians, you need incident handling, remote diagnostics and the dispatch of replacement parts, if necessary
  • For local branches without expert staff onsite; you might also need a technician to replace defective parts (configuration, software update, reconnection, validation test, etc.)

What are the benefits of Operational Support Services?

Simplify incident management

You benefits from a single point of contact for all aspects of your operational support, regardless of the suppliers, anywhere in the world.

Optimize your support costs

You also benefit from maintenance tailored to your support needs through customized services.

Restore services quickly

You will receive rapid interventions at your sites provided by our certified technicians located throughout the world.

Why choose Orange Business?

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