Asset and Data Management

Manage the lifecycle of your assets, support contracts, software and services with complete visibility of your entire IT environment, while maintaining the integrity of your data



Asset and Data Management

Ensure data integrity and centralize inventory

Orange Business presents Asset and Data Management, the inventory solution that gives you control of your IT equipment worldwide, along with the data it provides, to optimize and get the most from your IT environment.

With Asset and Data Management, you can be confident that your consolidated asset inventory is accurate and that your data is precise for quality decision-making and efficient operations. Easily manage service risks, maintenance and compliance to reduce exposure and eliminate disruptions to your business. Our experts are available throughout your project to provide recommendations for continuous improvement and optimum return on investment.

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Asset and Data Management in detail

Select the option that's right for you, depending on whether your assets are owned by yourself, Orange or other suppliers.

Asset Management

Management of data, data integrity and data inventory for your owned assets

  • Your Customer Asset Manager will support you throughout the lifecycle of your assets, guaranteeing service assurance. This single point of contact will handle all maintenance and software renewal orders on your behalf.
  • Our convenient portal gives you access to a single, detailed view of all your owned assets, along with status information related to your support contracts and asset lifecycles.
  • Need to know if and when to review a support contract or subscription? Just use your dashboard to access reliable data from Orange and your vendors' databases to make the right decisions for your business and your budget.

Asset and Data Management for Business

Management of data exchange, data integrity and data inventory for your services managed by Orange and other suppliers

  • Your Customer Asset and Data Manager is your single point of contact for all requests related to your service assets inventory and data governance throughout your project.
  • Our convenient portal gives you accurate visibility of all your service asset data in a single view and includes site inventory reporting and asset management analytics.
  • A data-quality service level agreement guarantees your service assurance for data accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

Service lifecycle management and decision-making in four steps


  • Asset and Data Management for Business: implementation of data-governance and model
  • Asset Management: digital asset discovery, data workflow design, asset audit, inventory clean up and setup

  • Asset and Data Management for Business: visibility of asset inventory, data quality with SLAs and usage and changes to asset data
  • Asset Management: proactive asset reporting, data quality, changes and quarterly reviews

  • Asset and Data Management for Business: risk management, including end-of-life, support and vulnerability, data analysis, maintenance and compliance
  • Asset Management: risk and compliance management, including technical refresh, asset and software support coverage and renewals

  • Asset and Data Management for Business: recommendations for hardware and software, license usage and support based on your utility and usage
  • Asset Management: visibility of asset and maintenance expenses and budget


How can I use Asset and Data Management?

Visibility of your owned assets

Visibility of your owned assets

Ensure data integrity and operational efficiency by aligning your own and your suppliers' databases.

  • Be aware of the end-of-life/support date for your assets
  • Easily budget for hardware maintenance
  • Make certain that your workforce has the latest devices with accurate asset change management
Visibility of your IT services inventory from all your providers

Visibility of your IT services inventory from all your providers

Centrally manage and coordinate the inventory from all your suppliers for optimal delivery of your IT services.

  • Efficienctly manage incidents and avoid the downtime normally associated with a multi-sourced environment
  • Manage discrepancies between your vendors' data and be confident that your data is complete and accurate
  • Achieve end-to-end visibility of your inventory, and guarantee that SLAs are met

What are the benefits of Asset and Data Management?

Asset and Data Management empowers you to make informed and timely decisions regarding your IT assets and services.

Acquire a complete view of your services' availability

The solution can help you eliminate disruptions to your business with one designated point of accountability and an accurate and central inventory of your assets and services.

Ensure a positive return on your investment

You'll be able to optimize spending based on your usage and business requirements, and your operational team will have more time to focus on improving the business.

Make better, strategic decisions

You'll receive reports, updates and recommendations to help you make the right decisions related to improvements and changes to your IT.

Why choose Orange Business?


Integration services provider for the largest MNCs and other network providers for 50 years across six continents.

Worldwide logistics

Global supply chain, with three international hubs, for global deployment of information, communications and new technologies.


Managing a large volume of assets and data on a day-to-day basis and knowledge of the most optimal assets for our customers' business efficiency.
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