Next Gen Hub

A cloud-native platform allowing Orange to deliver a truly global customer digital transformation


Digitization is a real opportunity for enterprises to improve their business models, operational performance and production methods, as well as to serve customers demanding an instantaneous experience. To maximize this opportunity, they must look at the whole data journey: how information is collected, transported, stored and computed, protected and used for customers and employees.

Orange Business believes that for enterprise IT departments to manage new data uses and their rapid developments, they need ever more agile connectivity solutions, while ensuring an always secure and reliable communications infrastructure.

Whether the objective is to open a new branch office, to deploy a new application in a multi-cloud environment, or to connect people to their data and applications, these solutions must be provided with simple processes and embedded intelligent automation for network deployment, configuration and decision making.

Delivering end-to-end performance and end-user experience

Next Gen Hub is currently deployed in 28 locations all over the world.

Orange Business brings the latest technology and leading engineering skills to address the full stack of customer business requirements, from branches to the customer multi-cloud environment. It is a borderless world, where we strongly believe that LAN, WAN and multi-cloud can work together as one and securely deliver end-to-end performance and end-user experience.

Managing multiple technical domains, while controlling potential collateral effects, agility and flexibility, is now possible because of the Next Gen Hub.


Feature rich

The Next Gen Hub is composed of three main features:

  • Virtualized network functions: All services attached to the connectivity, such as Next Gen Firewall, Remote SSL Access, SD-WAN gateways, visibility and acceleration, are on-boarded. Designed to be future proof, Next Gen Hub is able to cope with the evolution of our VNF catalog, which is under continuous development
  • Multi-cloud gateway: When the traffic destination is in the cloud, each Next Gen Hub will have a secured multi-cloud gateway connecting to main CSP providers (+40). We locate Next Gen Hubs at the CSP doorstep via private and/or public interconnections to deliver end-to-end performance
  • Transport and access: To ensure end-user experience and end-to-end performance, the Next Gen Hubs are interconnected through the Orange MPLS and Internet networks. Interconnection to our IGN network allows us to deliver our solutions in more than 220 geographies. Local ISP can also be selected upon strict performance requirements to deliver the traffic at customer locations.

Orchestration: An additional feature is the orchestration to simplify, accelerate and secure solution deployment and management by integrating the different features to deliver a solution that is flexible, agile and secure.