With Threat Intelligence, detect and respond to cyber threats more effectively

The threat landscape is growing and becoming far more sophisticated. Threat Intelligence services, powered by Orange Cyberdefense, allow you to be one step ahead of emerging attacks, to mitigate the threats beyond the enterprise perimeter, to improve vulnerability remediation and to make smarter and informed security decisions.

Our solutions

Threat Intelligence for Security Technology Enrichment

Improve your threat detection capability

Outsource threat detection to Orange and benefit from embedded threat intelligence as part of our managed services.
Boost your in-house or third-party managed SOC via our Threat Intelligence aaS Datalake - a single platform with threat advisory from our CERT*.
* Computer Emergency Response Team

Vulnerability Intelligence

Improve vulnerability remediation

Our Vulnerability Intelligence service enables a holistic vulnerability management, underpinned by four components:
▪ Watch (vulnerability threat intelligence feeds)
▪ Detect (vulnerability scan)
▪ Ethical Hacking (including penetration testing)
▪ Code Check (technical audit)

Cyber Surveillance

Mitigate Threats beyond the Enterprise Perimeter

Monitor data leaks and take down fraudulent websites, apps, social media accounts and phishing sites.
Quickly identify and remediate any tampering of your digital assets by cyber criminals and hacktivists.
Protect your organization from attack with our IP reputation intelligence service.

Our strengths

With our unique threat intelligence offering, Orange Cyberdefense can help you better secure your organization now and in the future against current and emerging threats. Our research capabilities and proprietary database are the key reasons why our intelligence services are so sought after by enterprises around the world.

Signal Intelligence and Behaviors Labs: Malware Epidemiology

Our advanced approach improve our IoC-based processes, by identifying real-time Indicators of Surveillance for a highly predictive approach. This is fed into all our Threat Intelligence and Managed Detection services. Our Signal Intelligence Lab can detect in advance attacks hours before they occur.

Proprietary Threat Intelligence Database

Orange Cyberdefense’s database allows to build a comprehensive real-time map of all threats facing enterprises. We collect information from public and private sources worldwide. We have automated decision-support tools. Finally, as a network operator, we have the advantage of visibility at the first signs of attack.

Orange Cyberdefense expertise and alliances

  • ▪ 18 years of experience in cybercrime and forensics with a strong knowledge of hacker communities and communication channels
  • ▪ Independent CERT across France, Canada and Singapore - over 1 500 Cyberdefense experts across the globe
  • ▪ Partnership with key tech vendors and agencies including Europol

Orange Cyberdefense alliances