splitsecnd and Orange Business innovate emergency response on the road, no cell phone required.


■     splitsecnd is the only emergency response device of its kind that can be

used in any vehicle regardless of make, model or year

■     Orange Business provides limitless connectivity to splitsecnd

      devices for smart emergency assistance on the road


splitsecnd is the first portable emergency response device that plugs into the 12V outlet of any vehicle, no matter the make, model or year. Once plugged in, drivers have instant access to automatic crash detection, 24/7 emergency assistance, pinpoint roadside assistance and real-time GPS vehicle monitoring.


Working with Orange Business, splitsecnd will ensure that drivers, no matter where they are located, have access to emergency assistance the instant they need it. Orange SIM cards embedded within the splitsecnd devices  provide dedicated, limitless wireless connectivity anywhere in the world.


Within seconds, drivers can establish two-way communication with a trained operator at splitsecnd’s emergency response center. Their GPS location, vehicle information and medical history are immediately shared with responders to ensure that drivers receive the most effective and efficient assistance possible.


All this driving data is automatically synced to the splitsecnd Dashboard so that friends, family, and loved ones can view the location of any vehicle, review past trips and encourage good driving habits. By simply logging into the splitsecnd Dashboard on any desktop or mobile device, it gives access to invaluable real-time location and driving data that provide instant peace-of-mind.


splitsecnd focuses on two things: safety and simplicity,” said Mel Taylor, President & CEO of splitsecnd. “Together with Orange Business, we are able to ensure that drivers stay safe and connected while on the road, 24/7, at the push of a button. We are ecstatic to announce this collaboration and expand our mission around the globe.”


splitsecnd will be available in North America, Europe and South Africa in the fourth quarter of this year. The splitsecnd service will be available for purchase through an affordable monthly subscription plan via third-party vendors. The Orange extensive global network eliminates costly roaming charges.


“Orange Business’ expertise in the Internet of Things, along with our global reach, will help splitsecnd realize safety innovations for all drivers,” said Mark Kenealy, senior vice president, Americas, Orange Business. “We look forward to serving as a trusted partner to splitsecnd and working side-by-side with them to make smart and portable emergency assistance a reality for the general public.”


Interested in seeing the splitsecnd device in action? Visit: splitsecnd: Smart Emergency Assistance for Any Vehicle