Orange Business opens integration and briefing center for multinational customers

facility designed for experiencing and evaluating customers’ IT infrastructures

Orange Business, a leading global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations, has opened its first U.S.-based integration and briefing center in Clearwater, Florida, where enterprises can experience and evaluate new IT infrastructures. The facility, a joint investment between Orange and top technology partners, contains state-of-the-art equipment to demonstrate the latest in cloud computing, unified communications and collaboration, mobility, network and application optimization, infrastructure management services and customized implementations.

The center offers multi-platform integration allowing enterprises to mix and match technologies from different vendors to ensure compatibility before choosing a migration strategy. It promotes faster implementations and gives customers the confidence to experiment with new innovations. The facility houses an on-site data center, labs where customer conditions and migration strategies can be simulated, and a site-to-site VPN for connecting remote locations to the testing process.

"As more applications move into the cloud, it's making enterprise communications more complex and more diverse," said Brian Washburn, Service Director - Business Network and IT Services with Current Analysis. "Orange Business' integration center lets enterprises and solutions partners stage and test their IT infrastructure in a controlled environment, to check for compatibility and performance, and ensure migrations happen smoothly."

“Previewing tailored solutions at our integration and briefing center helps assure companies that new IT innovations can be implemented successfully,” said Diana Einterz, senior vice president of the Americas and French Major Accounts, Orange Business. “Upgrading an IT infrastructure, especially one containing a mix of different technologies and vendors, has always carried a certain amount of risk. ‘How effective is this new piece of technology? Will this work with that? Will I face higher costs or down times if I proceed?’ At Orange’s integration and briefing center, we can help our customers with their migration strategies, while they can test drive their solutions in a safe environment to make sure they are a good fit.”

As part of its “Conquests 2015” strategy, Orange is moving beyond being only a network operator by offering enterprises a wider package of end-to-end IT services that address the entirety of their business requirements. Through the integration center, North and Latin American-based enterprises have an opportunity to learn about the range of Orange solutions and those of more than 20 Orange technology partners and industry-leading IT product providers.