Orange Business helps Merck achieve its digital transformation objectives with new network and services

  • Next-generation network delivers innovative collaborative applications
  • Data and applications accelerated by WAN optimization with Riverbed

Orange Business has signed a contract with Merck, a leading science and technology company, to deploy a 200-site, next-generation network that will support its digital transformation initiatives. The network and related services will reduce complexity throughout Merck’s infrastructure and enable an unprecedented level of collaboration.

The contract between Merck and Orange Business builds on their existing relationship. The complete solution comprises a global wide area network (WAN), network traffic optimization using Riverbed technology, management of local area networks (LAN), remote access services, regional Internet access points and audio conferencing services.

“Merck is a company with a 350-year tradition, and you can’t be a leader for such a long time without striving to be at the cutting-edge of innovation. This is precisely what Merck is doing here, and we are very proud to contribute to their digital transformation at a global level,” said Anne-Sophie Lotgering, senior vice president, Europe, Russia and CIS, Orange Business.

Orange redesigned Merck’s global network and incorporated optimization technologies delivered via Enterprise Application Management Riverbed. It uses Riverbed’s SteelHead CX to enhance the performance of all applications, including on-premise, cloud and SaaS, across multiple networks (MPLS, private VPN and public Internet). This provides improved performance, optimization and consolidation to support the growing number of users, devices and sites.

“Continuous real-time connectivity for all communication channels is crucial to improve our employee productivity and ensure seamless customer interaction. We are pleased to be working with Orange Business to jointly develop game-changing digital capabilities that will drive business performance,” says James E Stewart, CIO of Merck.