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Enterprise Application Management mitigates the effects of latency and bandwidth constraints to improve application response times and reduce data volumes on the WAN.
our experience
Orange has been delivering application performance solutions since 2002 and has been in partnership with Riverbed since 2006. As part of our commitment to service excellence, Orange holds the Riverbed Authorized Support Program status, which ensures that our customers benefit from qualified consultants, technicians and recognized global support capabilities. Combined with industry-leading technology from Riverbed, you are assured of confidence and peace of mind that the performance of your critical applications is in the best hands.


we adapt to your maturity level for out-tasking IT
Enterprise Application Management enables you to consolidate and centralize key IT resources to save money, reduce capital expenditures, simplify key business processes and improve productivity. We can either support your existing assets or provide a fully-managed service with clear cost control and visibility. Our service has a standard pricing structure with a one-time set up and implementation charge, plus a monthly recurring charge for the contract term.

we help you enhance the productivity of your end users
Through understanding your business needs we ensure that critical applications are available and their performance optimized, regardless of where your employees are. That means no more frozen laptops because of slowly responding applications.

what it does

do you plan to consolidate your applications in a reduced number of data centers?
Hosting your business-critical applications in key data centers can be a challenge if your employees are located in multiple or distant locations. Enterprise Application Management will eliminate the negative impacts of latency and considerably improve application performance and response times by reducing the amount of data transiting your network.

do you plan to host applications in the cloud?
While cloud computing can produce significant savings and solve capacity issues, applications performing in the cloud must be accessible and reliable, as if they were hosted in a more dedicated environment. Application performance in the cloud is therefore key, and your cloud provider needs to deliver as promised. Our service can help you rapidly gain detailed visibility of your applications’ performance and implement improvements if necessary.

do you plan to launch new services running on new applications?
We can help you speed up your go-to-market and service availability. You’ll essentially have complete maneuvering space to launch new services, and we can help you deploy them by combining our IT consolidation expertise with excellent one-time or recurring consultancy. We deliver a managed service while giving you flexibility around asset ownership and vendor maintenance. Our service is completely aligned to ITIL® via our service framework, covering the complete service life-cycle in a recognized and structured manner.

how it works

We use Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances to deliver the application acceleration and WAN optimization features alongside the Central Management Console (CMC). We incorporate the Steelhead Mobile Controller for mobile and remote workers. In addition, we can deliver our service over third-party networks or as an off-net solution. We offer standard service level agreements and enhanced monitoring capabilities, covering both hardware and service features. We also have capabilities around the Riverbed Cascade products and are able to provide acceleration features on satellite links.

why accelerate applications and optimize WANs in the first place?
The causes for slow throughput in WANs are well known:

  • high delay (round-trip time or latency)
  • limited bandwidth
  • chatty application protocols

Large enterprises spend a significant portion of their information technology budgets on storage and networks, much of it to compensate for slow throughput by deploying redundant servers and storage and the required back-up equipment.

how it works
Riverbed’s operating system (RiOS) is the software that powers the Steelhead appliance. With RiOS, a range of problems affecting WANs and application performance can be solved, including:

  • insufficient WAN bandwidth
  • inefficient transport protocols in high-latency environments
  • inefficient application protocols in high-latency environments

RiOS intercepts client-server connections without interfering with normal client-server interactions, file semantics, or protocols. All client requests are passed through to the server normally, while relevant traffic is optimized to improve performance. RiOS uses the following optimization techniques:

  • data streamlining
  • transport streamlining
  • application streamlining
  • management streamlining

data streamlining
Reduces the need for bandwidth consumption and prioritizes applications’ bandwidth usage. Steelhead appliances can reduce WAN bandwidth utilization by 65% to 98% for TCP-based applications using data streamlining.

transport streamlining
Reduces TCP chattiness and expands window sizes while minimizing latency. Steelhead appliances use a generic latency optimization technique called transport streamlining. Transport streamlining uses a set of standards and proprietary techniques to optimize TCP traffic between Steelhead appliances.

These techniques:

  • ensure that efficient retransmission methods, such as TCP-selective acknowledgements, are used
  • negotiate optimal TCP window sizes to minimize the impact of latency on throughput
  • maximize throughput across a wide range of WAN links

application streamlining
Reduces application chattiness and latency and accelerates SSL encrypted traffic.

management streamlining
Enables transparent deployment and central management of Riverbed appliances.

your benefits

benefit from a managed service

  • no capital or hardware costs: save specific equipment purchase and ongoing maintenance costs (often 80% of the total cost)
  • elimination of obsolete technology and technology risk reduction: end the cycle of replacing out-of-date equipment and constantly upgrading infrastructure
  • one-stop shop: we are your sole interface regardless of the partner providing the technology
  • application service level agreements: we are accountable and will prove it 

optimize your resources and adapt quicker to business change

  • we provide in-depth consultancy on a one-time and/or recurring basis
  • our service delivers application acceleration and compression on state-of-the-art technology
  • benefit from a “pay-as-you-grow” solution and tie your business and IT needs together
  • make the most of your existing resources and avoid never-ending bandwidth upgrades

deliver rapid ROI and lower TCO

  • consultancy, including analysis and recommendation, brings immediate ROI and application prioritization on your existing network, while reducing application chattiness
  • since we handle capital and hardware maintenance and management costs, you’ll have more control and visibility of your IT budget
  • save 17% on network TCO using application acceleration solutions
  • reduce internal costs by up to 66% and improve application response time by 50% using application acceleration solutions

learn more

To get started, we’d like to work with you to achieve the following five milestones – which are all flexible and adapted to your level of maturity for out-tasking your IT.


  • capture your requirements
  • identify success criteria
  • propose an Application Performance Management solution
  • develop a business case based on budgetary pricing


  • establish your project
  • elicit all requirements for Application Performance Management from all stakeholders and verify our solution
  • assess network, site, application, operations and security readiness
  • prepare the integration risk mitigation plan


  • develop low-level design
  • finalize success criteria
  • develop operational service design
  • align business case
  • update project plan
  • detail service description


  • install infrastructure
  • establish back-office monitoring tools and service management processes
  • train your operations staff 
  • verify data collection
  • establish baseline monitoring


  • capture application profile data ready for initial configuration baseline
  • customize Application Performance Management configuration
  • calibrate alarm thresholds
  • test operations processes
  • prepare documentation


  • modify configuration as conditions change
  • identify new causes of degraded performance
  • monitor change in application usage
  • refine the business case

The Partnership Between Orange Business Services and Riverbed



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