Orange Business and T-Systems create greater reach for international videoconferences


New agreement enables video meetings between customers of T-Systems and Orange Business

T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom's corporate customer arm, and Orange Business have signed an interprovider agreement for Corporate Video services that will allow customers who use T-Systems' Corporate Video Exchange Services to meet live with customers of Orange's Telepresence Community via videoconference.

This innovative Corporate Video solution reproduces the direct interaction between people at different sites so realistically that participants feel as if they were in the same room, even when they are actually thousands of miles apart.

Thanks to this interprovider connectivity, companies can hold real-time video meetings easily and securely between companies; the telepresence and video infrastructure is provided by either T-Systems or Orange Business. This new element in the business video ecosystem enhances the value of investments made by customers in video technology and managed video services.

T-Systems and Orange Business already have video interconnections with other providers in place and will continue to expand these networks to give their customers access to as many video users around the world as possible. The goal is to make Corporate Video links as easy and manageable as a simple phone call. Thanks to the outstanding user-friendliness of the Corporate Video Exchange Services, subscribers can concentrate fully on their meeting agenda and don't have to worry about the technical details. Using their respective booking portals, customers can book meetings with companies using videoconferencing from either T-Systems or Orange Business.

Video communications between companies are made from their respective secure intranets, and not over the Internet, which offers clear business advantages. Corporate Video enables easy collaboration between employees at different locations, faster decision processes and problem-solving, more efficient deployment of limited resources and, in particular, closer business relationships. Whereas these advantages were previously limited to internal collaboration and decision processes, the new offer extends them to all aspects of external business communication between participating customers, partners and suppliers all over the globe. The savings in terms of travel expenses are considerable – with the added benefit of the positive impact on the environment.