Orange Business accelerates cloud services in Business VPN Galerie with Riverbed technology

Orange Business announced today that it has integrated its acceleration service Enterprise Application Management (EAM) Riverbed into Business VPN Galerie to significantly improve the user experience for cloud users at remote sites. The service boosts the performance of all major cloud services in Business VPN Galerie over enterprise customers’ VPNs.                                                                                                                          

Enterprises moving from on-site applications to software as a service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models need their data to be secure and expect the same experience as if their data were stored locally. Cloud acceleration allows them to eliminate the frustration of a slow and unpredictable cloud application experience that can sometimes affect users in remote sites.

Business VPN Galerie extends the Orange corporate VPN to the cloud via fully-secured gateways. It allows enterprises to access best-of-breed IaaS and SaaS cloud service providers, including Orange, while benefitting from the advantages of the Orange Business cloud-ready network – including end-to-end management and support, reliability, security and high performance.


EAM Riverbed is a fully-managed service from Orange Business that delivers application acceleration and WAN optimization. It can significantly improve application response times thereby improving the end user experience. EAM Riverbed also delivers traffic optimization using protocol optimization, caching and traffic compression, which can increase throughput by three times or more.


As of today, with Business VPN Galerie and EAM Riverbed, enterprise users can benefit from better SaaS and IaaS response time through the hub, thereby supporting the roll-out of an effective organization-wide cloud strategy.

Key step in SDN/NFV network evolution

This service also benefits from software defined network (SDN) deployment and is a key step in the evolution of the Orange infrastructure. Riverbed’s application performance optimization solution is deployed as network function virtualization (NFV), providing enterprises with more flexibility than a traditional device. It allows customers to rapidly deploy cloud optimization services and adapt them to their changing needs.

This service is a result of the strong partnership between Orange and Riverbed, which has been in place since 2005. Through strategic and technical collaboration, the two partners are able to provide customers with new services in a very agile way.

“Customers need to boost end-user application experience with faster response times to increase productivity at a global scale, enable business-critical migration projects and improve the corporate image. By integrating Riverbed’s best-of-breed technology in our secure and fully-managed solution we can deliver this promise,” said Pierre-Louis Biaggi, vice president connectivity business unit, Orange Business.

“Application performance and agility are key in today’s cloud computing world and we’re pleased to further extend the Orange and Riverbed strategic partnership to offer customers a compelling solution,” said Phil Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Riverbed Technology.

Currently 1,600 customers use Business VPN Galerie to access Orange and other leading cloud services, including Google, Microsoft and