NumAlim Selects Dawex and Orange Business for its Data and Services Exchange Platform

  • The digital food platform will accelerate data circulation thanks to Dawex Data Exchange Platform and Orange trusted cloud services

NumAlim announced an agreement with Dawex, the leader in Data Exchange technology, and Orange Business, a network-native digital services company, to deploy its agri-food digital exchange platform. By relying on these two leading players, NumAlim chose secure technological solutions guaranteeing the sovereignty of French food data.

As early as Q1 2021, the NumAlim data and services exchange "Hub" will offer 18,000 companies in the food industry the opportunity to valorize, acquire and enrich all types of data: production, consumption, traceability, consumer opinions and research, as well as a wide range of services based on data (trend analysis, reformulation, regulatory watch…).

"NumAlim is the answer to the needs for transparency, value creation and trust expressed by the food industry, consumers, and public authorities.” says Jérôme François, Director of NumAlim.

“The NumAlim digital platform will facilitate and accelerate data circulation from farmers’ forks to consumers' forks. It will be complementary to and interconnected with the API-AGRO agricultural Data Exchange Platform, operated by Agdatahub." says Jérôme François, Director of NumAlim.

“We are excited to see this Data and Services Exchange Platform project with NumAlim coming to fruition, with the objective to unite businesses and consumers around food data," explained Laurent Lafaye, Dawex co-CEO"Dawex Data Exchange technology offers the trusted and secure environment for data circulation and services’ access.”

“We are proud to accompany NumAlim, with our partner Dawex, in deploying the platform on our secure and trusted infrastructure and participating with our cloud expertise in the development and digitization of the agri-food industry.” said Etienne Bonhomme, General Manager - France for Cloud Business Unit, Orange Business.