SWIFT: Orange Business is the preferred SWIFT network partner for your Alliance Connect solutions worldwide

As the largest network partner of SWIFT, Orange has the widest reach and geographical coverage in the world. Orange delivers SWIFT Alliance Connect solutions (Silver and Gold) in over 100 countries, operating the connectivity of more than 800 SWIFT end users worldwide.

Versatile and secure SWIFT solutions

The SWIFT infrastructure is the cornerstone of international finance. It allows banks, financial institutions and corporations to make payments and other secured transactions, irrespective of the countries in which the entities are located.

Because it is a pillar of international trade, the critical success factors for SWIFT are reliability, resiliency, risk management and cost control. As an accredited network partner, Orange brings together versatile and secure solutions that respond to SWIFT’s and the end-user community’s major needs.

Full range of SWIFT connectivity services

Our SWIFT solutions include connectivity, consultancy and integration services. With our extensive portfolio of IP-based network services, including the industry’s leading MPLS-based Business VPN service, we offer a full range of SWIFT connectivity packs, from fully dedicated leased lines to fiber-based, DSL-based and satellite connections, in order to bring the level of flexibility and resiliency your network requires.

Our solutions are also fully compatible with TARGET2 and SEPA architectures.

Need a quote for SWIFT connectivity?

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Over the years, Orange Business has created a dedicated account team for the SWIFT end-user community and relies on local account managers supporting the different regions and specific countries worldwide to leverage local expertise and relationships.

For information about our SWIFT Alliance Connect solutions, please liaise with the Account Director Alfred Roudaut at +32 468 4505 73 or email us at swift_orders@orange.com.