Thanks to onboard connectivity, which makes it possible to retrieve and process vehicle data in real time, cars are becoming smarter. Remotely monitoring the performance and maintenance of vehicles, creating new, innovative services like car-sharing and usage-based insurance, generating new revenues through Wi-Fi hotspots and on-demand audio and video, and optimally managing your fleet are all now possible through IoT and the connected car.

Improve performance and maintenance


Analyze vehicle performance data to improve design and prepare for major industry developments, such as electric and autonomous cars. Update embedded software, anticipate breakdowns and schedule maintenance.

Thanks to the unique Orange IoT footprint, you can connect your vehicles across the globe. You benefit from dedicated IoT service support, a state-of-the-art IoT connectivity management platform and automated processes with web services integration (APIs) into your applications.

21 million
autonomous vehicles will be sold every year between 2025 and 2035.

Source: IHS Automotive


Optimize fleet management

Optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption and organize maintenance programs with a global view of fleet operations.

Ocean, an Orange subsidiary, offers fleet management and geolocation solutions to control the cost of your fleet, improve the driving behavior of your employees and optimize vehicle maintenance.

+10 million

vehicles will be equipped with fleet management systems in Europe by 2020.

Mobile Market Development, April 2017

Offer innovative mobility services

Use vehicle data to provide new services: insurance based on driving frequency and habits, keyless access to rental cars, car-sharing services, etc.

Orange brings you its innovation capabilities and privileged relationship with key players in the connected car ecosystem. Our end-to-end IoT solutions help you design the connected mobility services of tomorrow, focused on the use rather than on the ownership of the vehicle.

+26 million

people globally will use car-sharing services by the end of 2020.

The Carsharing Telematics Market, Berg Insight, 2015


Invent a new driving experience


Offer drivers new services to improve their comfort and safety, such as accident and breakdown assistance, driving and navigation support, Internet access and infotainment.

Orange IoT Managed Global Connectivity allows you to offer connected services to the drivers as well as the passengers of your vehicles: driving and navigation assistance, on-demand video and audio streaming, Internet access, etc. Orange can manage the customer journey for you.

4 years and 1 month
spent in the vehicle on average in a person's life in Europe.

Source: Citroën, 2016, Nos vies en voitures, CSA survey


Digital expertise for the automotive industry


Worldwide M2M coverage

Enjoy excellent global M2M coverage with our mobile network that covers 29 European countries and our 500 roaming agreements.

Remote provisioning of embedded SIM cards

Our new IoT connectivity platform supports "eUiCC" technology to remotely change the operator profile of SIM cards embedded in vehicles, facilitating the management and rationalization of your operator partnerships.

Services for drivers and passengers

Through our "B2B2C" option, you can offer connected services to both the drivers and the passengers of your vehicles, such as driving and navigation assistance, infotainment and Internet access. Orange manages the customer journey for you, as well as the billing.

Optimized fleet management

Ocean, an Orange subsidiary, offers fleet management and geolocation solutions to control the cost of your fleet, improve the driving behavior of employees and optimize vehicle maintenance.


Hertz chose Orange to accelerate deployment of its car sharing service across Europe

"We are constantly evolving as a business to reflect the changing demands of our customers. Our partnership with Orange Business Services is an ideal step for us as we embrace the future and take on new digital technologies that improve customer service."

Fabrice Genty, Senior Director, Car Sharing Operations, Hertz


Orange, partner of the automotive industry


vehicles managed by Ocean, an Orange subsidiary specializing in fleet management solutions

experts in IoT and data analytics

experts in cybersecurity

years of active collaboration with the automotive industry

A proprietary mobile network in 29 countries, reinforced by our 500 roaming agreements and our membership in the Global M2M Association.

Innovative services: remote provisioning of embedded SIM cards (eUiCC) for M2M "multi-domestic" coverage and B2B2C option to offer on-board consumer services.

End-to-end connected car solutions based on the Orange Datavenue offering, complemented by our partners’ expertise.

Orange is an active player in the deployment of V2X technologies (communication between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure) and 5G for connected vehicles.


  • For the 6th consecutive year, Orange was rated number 1 by ARCEP in its July 12, 2016 report for the quality of its mobile calls, SMS and Internet services
  • Orange partners with Tier 1 operators to provide enhanced IoT services in 77 countries and territories through the Global M2M Association
  • Our ecosystem of partners designs and implements all the elements of your connected car projects