Retail is in transition

Retail was already an industry full of challenges, and COVID-19 has underlined them. Tough market conditions, coupled with ever-more demanding consumers, call for retailers to reinvent their business models, transform their operations and embrace digital innovation – all for the benefit of consumers.
Retailers must always be aware of the latest shifts in their industry and be ready to adapt to them. Digital technology is always evolving and causing a continuous shake-up of the established retail landscape.


We've helped more than 47,000 retail customers in France and abroad make the most of their digital transformation.

How digital can create and shape new customer experiences and power recovery

Create and shape new customer experiences and power recovery

The retail sector has long been in a state of change and disruption and must now factor in the COVID-19 pandemic to its workings.

Get an overview of the current challenges faced by the retail industry as lockdowns ease down and stores reopen, and explore how digital can shape better and safer customer experiences.

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Orchestrating the retail data journey

Current conditions mean strengthening consumer trust and developing the right retail experiences will be more important for retailers.

Harnessing insight from available data will be critical to adapting rapidly to ever-changing demand and creating the safe shopping environment customers need. When properly leveraged, data has the power to enhance the customer experience, drive smarter decision making in your stores and enable unprecedented levels of efficiency along the supply chain.

Orange Business helps its retail customers orchestrate their own data journeys to generate key business insights that transform their businesses and fuel growth.

Learn how Orange Business guided multiple retailers along every stage of the data journey, helping them maximize the benefits of their data.

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