Retail is in transition

The retail sector is in a constant state of change and disruption. Tough market conditions, coupled with ever more demanding consumers, call for retailers to reinvent their business models, transform their operations and embrace digital innovation – all for the benefit of consumers.
As a retailer, you must always be aware of the latest shifts in the industry and be ready to adapt to them. Digital technology is constantly evolving and shifting the established retail landscape.


We've helped more than 47,000 retail customers in France and abroad make the most of their digital transformation.

Retail transformation engine

Where are you in your transformation?

Retailers must be prepared for a world in which competition is fierce. Embracing digital transformation is necessary if you want to deliver experiences that meet your customers’ ever-growing expectations.

We'd like to help transform your retail operations, so you can give your customers the shopping experience they want. Simply answer eight questions about your retail operations, and we'll send you a personalized recommendation for moving to the next level of retail excellence.

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Orchestrating the retail data journey

Thanks to the continued growth of e-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT), more data than ever before is now available to retailers, including their own data, customer data and even third-party data.

Data plays a crucial role in enabling new ways of doing business in retail. Too much data can go to waste due to challenges in utilizing it correctly – in the right place and the right time.

We help our retail customers orchestrate their own data journeys to generate key business insights that transform their businesses and fuel growth. When properly leveraged, data has the power to enhance the customer experience, drive smarter decision making in stores and enable unprecedented levels of efficiency along the supply chain.

Learn how we guided a variety of retailers, from luxury goods to superstore chains, at both online and in-store locations, along every stage of the data journey, helping them maximize their data and benefit from it.

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