These uncertain times have highlighted the importance of secure, agile IT in keeping business operations running during a crisis. This has put network transformation at the top of the corporate agenda. At the same time, networks are becoming more complex and exposed to risk.


SD‑LAN is an emerging technology that offers enhanced security and flexibility. It extends the scope of software defined networking (SDN) to create centrally-managed, self‑healing and self‑optimized networks. It is the ultimate gatekeeper to resilient, optimized local area networking.

With the number of devices connecting to the LAN increasing, quality of connection, user experience and security are paramount. In addition, enterprises are seeing their network needs and workloads change as they ease into a very new way of working. To ensure network performance and agility moving forward, now is the time to get SD‑LAN ready.

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Network transformation with SD-LAN

Network transformation with SD-LAN

SD‑LAN brings the power of software defined networking to local area networks. It comes with the promise of networks that are easier to operate, integrate and scale.

SD‑WAN continues to be one of the fastest‑growing segments of the network infrastructure market, according to IDC. Now the move to the next phase, SD‑LAN, is ready to progress. Many enterprises are assessing what SD‑LAN will bring to their networking roadmaps and how they should prepare for this next connected chapter. To get you into the driving seat, our e-book explains SD‑LAN technology and looks at the business challenges it can address. It spotlights some of the technology's benefits and outlines what enterprises need to do to get “SD‑LAN ready.”

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In order to dedicate ourselves to our core business, delivering genetic progress, our IT infrastructure needs to be well in order. Orange Business is a reliable network and consulting partner, which enables us to future-proof our systems worldwide.


Rob Kremers, Director IT, Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics


Why Orange Business?

The networking world is moving from a hardware-centric existence to a software-centric, open, agile and flexible environment.

Our portfolio of consulting services can quickly support you in planning your SD-LAN roadmap.

We are continually investing in labs and training facilities for our support staff and running continuity testing.

We can rapidly provide proofs of concept (PoCs) and pilots to help customers make smart decisions about where to invest in their LANs for the future.

We are technology agnostic. We work with best-in-breed partners, helping to influence the development of tooling and SD strategies that will better support our customers into the future. Through our Orange Labs program, designed to address each individual customer's business challenges and use cases with network automation, analytics and security, we demonstrate SD-LAN as a proof of value.