SD‑LAN: enabling resilient networking

SD‑LAN brings the power of software-defined networking to local area networks. It comes with the promise of networks that are easier to operate, integrate and scale.

SD‑WAN continues to be one of the fastest‑growing segments of the network infrastructure market, according to IDC. Now the move to the next phase, SD‑LAN, is ready to progress. Many enterprises are assessing what SD‑LAN will bring to their networking roadmaps and how they should prepare for this next connected chapter.

SD‑LAN utilizes the key principles of software-defined networking in the data center and SD‑WAN to offer up several benefits to wired and wireless networks. These include centralized management, access management, adaptability, flexibility dynamic bandwidth sharing, cost‑effectiveness and scalability. All of this is achieved while providing mission‑critical business continuity to the network’s access layer.

Despite having cloud‑based network administration, there are always technologies that require some form of highly secure localized management. This is where SD‑LAN steps in, working with or without the cloud.

Now is the time to get ready for intent‑driven SD‑LANs that are specifically designed with the flexibility and scalability to support future applications.

The enormous growth in data and devices connected to the LAN is stretching IT teams and a manual approach will not be able to keep up with the increasing complexity of networks. More automation and centrally managed SD‑LANs, coupled with advanced security, are the way forward in providing enterprises with the business agility they need to compete a high-tech, low-touch economy.

SD‑LAN provides centralization and orchestration that hasn’t previously been possible. But, SD‑LAN is more than a technology, it is a methodology that requires careful planning and solid foundations for a successful journey. Every enterprise is different, and there is no one size SD‑LAN that fits all.

To get you into the driving seat, our ebook explains SD‑LAN technology and looks at the business challenges it can address. It spotlights some of the technology's benefits and outlines what enterprises need to do to get “SD‑LAN ready.”