Drive sustainable performance in natural resources

The natural resources industry is facing major health and safety challenges, with workers in increasingly remote and dangerous locations, often using aging assets. Our safety applications will enable you to reach near zero workspace accident rates. And adopting IoT and big data analytics will make for more environmentally-friendly operations.

Orange Business is an end-to-end IT service provider with a global reach and is uniquely positioned to support your business. We understand the multiple disruptions and changing dynamics the natural resources industry is going through. Our expert teams can help you respond quickly and efficiently to changing markets by improving asset and operations performance.


Improve site safety
Improve site safety
  • Detect potentially hazardous situations and act quickly
  • Monitor site and equipment integrity and take proactive steps against failure to mitigate the situation
  • Spot patterns, identify emerging site issues and set up key performance indicators to measure overall safety
Protect employees at work
Protect employees at work
  • Use GPS and RFID to create a virtual geographic boundary for restricted areas. Tags inside workwear can set off an alarm if any rule-based incidents occur
  • For personalized safety requirements, use smart helmets and other wearables to monitor workers for signs of physical fatigue and for the threat of toxins or other environmental threats
Increase worker wellbeing
Increase worker wellbeing
  • Make employees' homes seem less far away with Internet services via Orange satellite connectivity for remote locations
  • Give medical experts the ability to remotely diagnose and monitor sick employees in hazardous offshore environments with our telemedicine solution
  • Remotely operate site equipment so employees can work in locations away from dangerous equipment
Respect the environment
Respect the environment
  • Use drones and IoT sensors to monitor pipelines across their entire length to identify any issues and prevent leaks into the environment
  • Track oil spills using LIDAR and IoT to ensure that they don’t become environmental disasters. You can even fingerprint oil slicks to follow them better
  • With data intelligence, act on emerging issues before they become environmental problems
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