Chief operations officers (COOs) have many balls to juggle, from strategic planning to hands-on management. It is difficult to manage them all, especially in a volatile economic landscape. Successful COOs need to be masters of transformation, and the cloud is a critical tool in their armory.



The biggest priority for COOs is to increase efficiencies and effectiveness for businesses to take advantage of opportunities in the digital economy. This means not only establishing an agile, secure, data-driven supply chain where required, but possibly radically reinventing the way the value chains deliver value and organize. At the same time, some COOs are stepping up to orchestrate the rollout of digital products and services that will significantly impact the performance of the business and make it more resilient by way of innovation. Cloud can deliver in these key areas.

Cloud-based applications are increasing rapidly as enterprises adopt software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-native principles to accelerate digital business. Enterprises are already looking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Ihings (IoT) and edge computing to push the second-generation digital business forward and use innovation to drive real competitive advantage.

The issue is that many enterprises still don’t understand how to operate their multicloud estate in a way that fosters both agility for value creation and operational efficiency.

Cloud has the scope to increase business flexibility and, if properly managed, even reduce costs and operational expenses through more granular consumption models. At the same time, the introduction of DevOps best practices can work to optimize software development, deployment and operations – increasing product quality for end users. A multicloud adoption and management plan, however, is critical to optimally address business flexibility and stay competitive.

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Sustaining the rapid pace of digital change is proving a significant challenge for COOs. An agile and robust cloud strategy is imperative. COOs with a strong business vision in addition to an analytical view of an organization’s administrative and functional operations are central to developing a successful cloud strategy.

Cloud projects are complex, and cloud migration takes time. A value-centric, well-thought-out strategy highlights the benefits and challenges of the cloud and how technology can be aligned to business outcomes and new security and governance policies. A COO’s outlook is an essential ingredient in any cloud cookbook.


Cloud: helping COOs deal with an unprecedented level of change

The best-performing organizations are investing in the building blocks of intelligent automation. Transition to cloud is a prerequisite to making data seamlessly available and workflows more intelligent and brings the agility to allow applications to successfully interoperate across boundaries.

Operational leaders can stake a significant role in an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy and help lead it forward. To do this, they need to be masters of change, helping develop cloud and the associated new technologies to meet changing customer demands.

This guide discusses how the cloud can deliver operational outcomes in three key areas: business resilience, digital transformation and advancing innovation.


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