Seeking operational advantage with cloud

Operations leaders look to cloud to improve efficiencies

The biggest priorities for Chief Operational Officers (COOs) and operational leaders are increasing the efficiencies and effectiveness of business processes in the digital economy. They are looking to establish an agile and data-driven supply chain and ensure operational resilience and OT security.

As a result, the cloud is high on the agenda to achieve these goals. First, the cloud is an agile business enabler. Second, in budget-conscious times, the cloud can make current investments last longer. For example, by re-investing in cloud native, enterprises can make legacy last longer. And third, the cloud can help create new business opportunities and revenue streams while getting new products and services to market faster and help coordinate a smart supply chain.

COOs and operational leaders can stake a significant role in an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy and help lead it forward. To do this, COOs need to be masters of change, helping develop cloud and associated new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to meet changing customer demands and provide greater value for business partners.

This eBook discusses how the cloud can deliver operational outcomes in three key areas: advancing innovation, business resilience and digital transformation.