The digital economy has expanded significantly in recent times, creating opportunities for chief commercial officers (CCOs), chief digital officers (CDOs) and marketing heads who are central in leading digital transformation.



Online has become a way of life. This new reality is creating significant business opportunities. But to improve digital business outcomes, commercial leaders must restructure their business models to be more agile. This will deliver greater personalization and a more streamlined experience to customers, while shoring up business resilience.

Cloud is a crucial pillar of this transformation, offering the building blocks, scalability, speed and agility needed to deliver and scale fast to satisfy the digital economy’s demands. Cloud enables enterprises to bring new products and services to market faster, while increasing resilience and decreasing technology risk.

However, cloud demands that commercial leaders adopt a new way of thinking. It needs to be open and holistic, far removed from traditional siloed models, and drive smart, pro-active decision-making through data analysis on a predictive level.

This can be done by following three simple rules: focus investment on business domains where the cloud can grow revenues and increase margins; select technologies that align with business strategy and risk constraints; and work with your operating model to develop a value chain with capabilities that sets you apart from your competition and functions around the cloud-native delivery models.

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Cloud becomes essential to accelerate digital business initiatives

Commercial leaders can drive digital change through resilient leadership, recrafting digital strategy, rebalancing the product roadmap, engaging with customers, and updating agile practices to speed up remote delivery. Cloud is central to all of these.

The next generation of cloud can help to build a more integrated and harmonized enterprise. It can enable increasingly complex supply chains and help sales and marketing functions to collaborate better and share data for smart decision-making.

This guide discusses how the cloud can deliver business outcomes in three key areas: business resilience, digital transformation and advancing innovation.


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Virtual desktops ensure doctors can keep working in a crisis

"Previously in IT services we were in the background, now we are part of the solution. We have been digitally enabling healthcare and completely and utterly transforming the NHS."
Ian Wakeford, Head of Informatics, Leicestershire Health Informatics Service


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