Orange Business empowers women in tech with Women Up

In a world where technology is rapidly reshaping the way we live and work, Orange Business recognizes the critical need for diverse perspectives in driving excellence. With a goal to achieve 33% women's representation in our workforce by 2025, we are not just setting targets; we are committing to tangible actions that foster an inclusive environment where women can thrive. The Women Up program is a testament to this commitment, providing a platform for female tech talent with less than ten years of experience to ascend to new heights in their careers.

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Propelling career growth: The Women Up program

The Women Up program is the Orange Business flagship initiative designed to unlock the potential of women in tech. "It's about creating opportunities and environments where talent can flourish," says Wassila Zitoune-Dumontet, Orange Business Chief Operating Officer and program executive co-sponsor together with Orange Business Human Resources Director Laurent Aufils. Through workshops, webinars and individual coaching, the program empowers participants to take bold steps toward first-level management and high-level expertise positions.

The Women Up program role models

Inspiration and aspiration: Learning from leaders

The 2024 Women Up group had the unique opportunity to learn from inspiring female leaders such as Antoinette Choucri (International Business Operations, Service Operations, Cluster Head) and Rania Abd el Hady (Tech Lead Engineer), both located in Egypt; Malika Saadaoui (Director Orange International Networks Infrastructures and Services) and Imane Mamouni (Chief Technology Information Officer, Information Technology Program Manager) based in Morocco; and Sudipta Naidu (Director Orange Innovation) and Pooja Sharma (Senior Manager Digital Transformation) present in India. Their stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success resonated deeply with participants. "Rania's journey taught me the value of resilience," shared Heba El Batanony from Egypt. "Imane's advice on work-life balance was a game-changer," reflected Perlà Nancy Ratovosoanambinina of Madagascar. "Sudipta's innovative thinking inspired me to think outside the box," added Sarambal Mootien, a participant from Mauritius.

The Women Up program executives

A Destination for ambition: Orange Business as an employer of choice

Orange Business is not just an employer; it's a place where ambitions are nurtured, and achievements are celebrated. "The Women Up initiative is a powerful testimony to our dedication to fostering an ecosystem where women don't just participate in technology—they lead it. At Orange Business, we advocate and build a future where women's talent and leadership are pivotal in shaping the tech industry," affirms Laurent Aufils, Orange Business Director Human Resources and Women Up executive co-sponsor. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is evident in our actions, from the Women Up program to our inclusive hiring practices and supportive workplace culture.

The Women Up program role models

As we continue to build a workforce that reflects the world around us, we remain steadfast in our belief that diversity is our strength. "At Orange, we don't just talk about change; we make it happen," states Vincent Lecerf, Orange Human Resources Director. Our journey towards becoming an employer of choice for women in tech is well underway, and we are excited for what the future holds.

The Women Up program role models

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