Why professional certification matters today more than ever

At Orange Business, we are navigating through the industry’s dynamic landscape. With big tech companies like Microsoft, Google and AWS setting the pace, it’s easy to feel like we are constantly racing to catch up.

That’s where certifications come in. These are not just pieces of paper; they’re our ticket to staying relevant and competitive. The reality is that there is a skills drought, and the demand for certified professionals continuously increases.

Skills are pivotal to achieving our ambition as part of our strategic “Lead the Future” plan to become the leading European network and digital integrator to make digital transformation efficient and sustainable for businesses – leveraging our strengths in next-generation connectivity solutions, cloud and cybersecurity. Thus, we are committed to increasing professional certification with our key partners across our global workforce.

From an employee’s point of view, certifications are not just badges to add to a resume. They are about investing in oneself, highlighting dedication, motivation and the desire to invest in a career path – and have the skills to prove it.

Serving customers and stakeholders more efficiently

Professional certification reinforces trust and credibility with our customers and is crucial for our employees’ personal and skills development.

Certification is recognized as a benchmark for specific skills in the industry. When customers see a certification badge, it gives them confidence that they will receive value and quality of service from the products and services chosen. It also underscores loyalty and makes customers less likely to seek an alternative. Nearly 95% of IT decision-makers maintain that certification adds value to an organization.

IT certification often requires regular updating to ensure skills keep up with technological advancements. Certification shows that the IT company and its employees are committed to continuous improvement.

Continuous learning is essential to technology development

Continuous learning is central to staying ahead of emerging technologies and supporting business growth and customer and staff retention. The latter is crucial, given the continuing skills shortage in the IT industry. At the same time, it demonstrates professionalism and commitment to ratifying industry standards. You would not board a plane if the pilots were not certified, so the same can be said for the experts taking care of your IT infrastructure, which is critical to business processes.

Here at Orange Business, we are ramping up our commitment to developing skills and supporting employee career transitions through a dedicated program. By 2025, 5,000 employees across various geographies will be supported in transitioning to the jobs and skills of the future.

We have invested in a global industry-recognized certification program with our partner ecosystem, including AWS, Cisco, Fortinet, Genesys, Google Cloud, HPE, Huawei, Microsoft, Palo Alto and VMware.

To date, 17 reskilling paths and seven upskilling paths have been made available to employees. To prepare for their upskilling, 910 employees are currently enrolled in a structured and substantial training program.

Staying one step ahead

Here at Orange Business, our challenge is providing training that responds to technological breakthroughs by addressing clients’ business issues while supporting our teams’ professional development with current and emerging technologies in cybersecurity and generative AI.

We want to simplify the process so our employees can advance their skills as much as possible. The Orange Business portal has a certification channel that contains descriptions of our partners’ certification programs to help employees start and continue their certification journeys.

Employees can study at their own pace after selecting the appropriate certification and obtaining manager approval. Our Career Lab experts are available to support and guide employees through certification processes.

Instructor-led training is also available where required. As a global digital integrator, we have direct access to our partners’ training programs, allowing our employees to access the latest training materials.

Once employees have passed a certification module, they update it in our Skill Management System. This allows us to track their development and help them with future certification opportunities.

The necessity for continuous learning

With rapidly changing industry trends and technologies, companies and employees must be proactive regarding continuous learning. It is essential to stay relevant and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Organizations that invest in certification undoubtedly see returns. Certified employees improve their knowledge and expertise in solutions and services, improving overall productivity and raising value for the company, employees and customers. For the employee, we have found that it means confidence, expanded opportunities, career development and the ability to network with other certified professionals to stay ahead of what is happening in the industry.

The demand for certified professionals is increasing

The demand for certified professionals in the IT industry is expanding as companies look for qualified professionals with the skills and credentials to maintain their competitive edge and garner customer loyalty.

At Orange Business, we are committed to providing a highly personalized learning path where everyone can learn, progress and grow. Certification is an investment we believe is central to the overall employee experience. While it doesn’t suit every employee, it benefits others greatly. To this end, we are launching many campaigns to excite our employees to strive for advanced certifications.

We also look to make the process as easy as possible. When someone is exploring and anticipating their certification journey, it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. We have dedicated experts to support and advise people to take the correct certification path.

The future of IT certification

With the demand for IT skills and the pace of innovation, IT certification has never been more critical. Certification is far more than a badge of achievement. It represents the adaptability and versatility of a company and its workforce and shows the investment that both have made in reskilling for the digital era.

We are proud to say that 12,000 of our staff now hold certifications at various levels, and this figure is growing – preparing Orange Business for the challenges the future brings us.

At Orange Business, we are committed to unlocking the unique potential within each individual. To learn more, click here.

Laurent Aufils
Laurent Aufils

Laurent Aufils is Head of Human Resources & Employee Experience at Orange Business. Previously, he held senior roles in the field of strategy, transformation, human resources, governance, and finance and has extensive experience in managing complex projects within dynamic international environments in mainland Europe, the U.S. and the UK. He is a graduate from Bentley University, HEC, University of California at Berkeley, and NEOMA Business School. In his spare time, Laurent likes to enjoy the simple moments in life with his family, walking in the country side, cooking and ... eating good food.