The largest social-housing landlord for the regional district of Vendée (France) selected Orange Business to oversee the integration of its Salesforce CRM suite. The internal teams were quick to adopt the tool, enabling them to provide quick and consistent information to their tenants.

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CRM software brings optimum efficiency to the process of responding to tenant queries

From repairs and maintenance requests to queries about rent or building fees or questions about facilities or moving, managing a vast array of housing units means dealing with a wide range of tenant inquiries. Such is the everyday work of Vendée Habitat, the largest social-housing landlord in the region, providing homes for some 33,000 people on the west coast of France. When the telephone rings at one of its offices, queries need to be answered quickly and effectively – which can be easier said than done if the right tools are not at hand.

“Sometimes tenants phone several numbers in several different departments,” explains Sylvain Pavageaun, IS & Organization Director at Vendée Habitat. “This is problematic if we’re unable to give that person the same answer.” The idea of adopting a CRM solution gradually became a necessity, in order to manage customer relations with tenants more effectively and boost satisfaction rates.

Orange Business selected to integrate the Salesforce CRM

Vendée Habitat opted to use the CRM from Salesforce, but knew they would have to bring in experts to integrate the solution in a way that matched their expectations and user needs.

“Once the Salesforce platform was chosen, we realized we needed an integrator to provide support and guidance for the next steps. So the CRM was integrated in cooperation with Orange Business in order to fully address our needs”, explains Nelly Blanquet, Customer Relations Quality Manager at Vendée Habitat. Indeed, Orange Business is one of the experts recommended by Salesforce for integrating this solution within organizations.

Recommendations, consultation and technical support: along every step of the way, the teams from Vendée Habitat were able to benefit fully from the resources brought to the table by Orange Business.

“We also found it highly beneficial to have access to a shared tool so that Orange Business could develop our Vendée Habitat features, and so that on our side we could give our feedback and test results,” explains the IS & Organization Director.

This tool is a real time-saver for the teams in the office. It allows them to access information more rapidly, meaning they can be more pro-active when responding to tenants.


Nelly Blanquet, Customer Relations Quality Manager at Vendée Habitat

Unified platform for fluent, optimized communications

Since its integration, the Salesforce CRM has kept all its promises as an easy-to-use, multi-channel application. Interactions with tenants are centralized via a one-stop platform, and all interactions are traceable for greater fluidity – all of which results in enhanced customer relations.

“This tool is a real time-saver for the teams in the office,” observes the Customer Relations Quality Manager. “It allows them to access information more rapidly, meaning they can be more pro-active when responding to tenants.”

But that’s not all: out in the field, Vendée Habitat staff can even access the CRM directly from their smartphones, meaning that telephone numbers, email addresses and other useful information are immediately available.

Vendée Habitat has also connected its Salesforce suite to Contact Everyone, the SMS sending tool, in order to further enhance its communications. Contact Everyone is an Orange Business solution that can be used independently or integrated into a CRM, which allows messages to be issued simultaneously across various channels (SMS, email and voice).

CRM platform ensures fast responses in all situations

CRM also comes in very handy for managing situations that require an extra level of responsiveness, and Vendée Habitat management are no strangers to this type of experience. Faced with the issue of rising energy costs, which has generated significant concern among tenants, the social housing agency was able to rely on the agility of its Salesforce CRM.

When faced with an influx of contact requests from tenants asking about the energy crisis, Vendée Habitat was able to react without delay. “Thanks to the CRM, we were able to retrieve all these inquiries via an external telephone platform,” explains Sylvain Pavageau. “We called them back to explain how they’d be able to manage this complicated situation. This solution was put in place in just two to three working days, which would have been impossible with our current software suite.”

And there you have it: CRM equals extra agility and augmented customer experience.

people live in homes owned by social housing landlord Vendée Habitat