Stonelin successfully launches new tracker device

Issues and challenges

Stonelin Communications is a start-up that’s leading the way in the development of IoT devices using GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth technology. From its head office in the UK, the company planned to launch new tracking devices tailor-made to the individual needs of the aftermarket vehicle, dementia and caregivers’ markets.

The Stonelin vision is to deliver real value to each customer: help fleet managers monitor vehicle location and driver performance; enable caregivers to find dementia and Alzheimer’s patients (using a wearable device) who have become lost; and assist caregivers in the welfare and health sector to identify the time spent traveling and in each patient’s home. Unlike other vehicle trackers, the Stonelin solution does not require special fittings, which means there is no time lost while the car is off the road.

Sales success is dependent on delivering the promised benefits of each tracker device, which requires a global IoT connectivity capability. For this, Stonelin needed the right partner.

"With our planned IoT portfolio, performance is paramount. As a start-up, the Orange experience in GPS tracking, IoT connectivity and connected device data has been invaluable in the development of our tracking products and will ensure they realize their full potential."

Steven Stone, Managing Director, Stonelin Communications

The objective

Ensure successful launch and global delivery of the three new tracker services.

  • Orange IoT Connect Express across Europe and Asia
  • Orange SIM technology and connectivity management platform
  • Flexible commercial model
  • Program management

Orange Business has enabled Stonelin to successfully launch three new products, which are delivering value to their respective target customers.

  • High-quality customer experience
  • End-to-end solution
  • Secure, reliable network service
  • Simplified management via a single global provider
  • Accelerated product launches
  • Best-in-class IoT performance
  • Predictable pricing and budget planning

Stonelin is a leading developer of IoT tracking devices using GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth technology

  • Start-up tech firm
  • Headquarters located in the UK