Orange Business IT Department accelerates its transformation with the cloud

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Innovating and reducing implementation deadlines for applications

Orange Business, a market leader in providing digital services to businesses, relies on its IT department of 1,000 people, to provide services to its 2 million client companies and 25,000 employees. The IT department must also guarantee quality of service for critical applications used by CRM, Finance and HR, as well as operational tools to deliver services to clients. In this sector, where innovation and reducing implementation deadlines are crucial, the IT department has put in place a technological, HR and cultural transformation strategy that relies on the Orange Business cloud division experts.

"Our strategy for cloud transformation, co-developed with Orange Business, is now delivering concrete results: our software updates take only a few minutes, compared to a few hours previously, and they can now be done weekly, compared to several months’ preparation time before."

Jean-Noël Michel, CIO, Orange Business


Offering support through IT transformation

To meet these challenges, Orange Business turned to its 2,200 cloud division experts to implement a transformation program aimed at drastically reducing deployment times.

  • Experts in professional services in the cloud division were able to define the business’ needs and draft a detailed road map with application-level granularity. They also supported the IT department employees through the transformation of their working practices and the DevOps
  • The IT department used technological solutions provided by the cloud entity, such as PaaS, CaaS and CI/CD chain. These technologies enable new applications, designed as micro-services and hosted on the entity’s infrastructure, to be deployed
  • Members of the cloud division also provided training to the Orange Business IT teams


Software updates in a few hours

As a result of the program, the Orange Business IT department developed a high level of cloud proficiency. The team is more efficient and able to offer new services to its customers while maintaining a very high quality of service.

Preparations for updates have gone from four months to one week, sometimes less. Implementations happen in a few minutes, during working days, compared with several hours over the weekend, which was previously required.


  • Fifteen week reduction in update times
  • Ability to perform updates in a few minutes on a weekday after 6:00 p.m. versus several hours during the weekend

Key figures

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employees on the IT team

Orange Business
Network operator and integrator of digital services
  • Expertise in the cloud, IoT, data and AI
  • 2 million client companies, including 3,000 multinationals
  • 25,000 employees