OceanaGold, a multinational mining company, has adopted the Orange Business managed Flexible SD-WAN service to support new bandwidth-hungry collaboration applications while simplifying management and reducing costs.

The multinational wanted to improve its global connectivity and leverage existing infrastructure with minimal interruption. Greater flexibility and improved performance were crucial goals of the transformation project.

OceanaGold went down the managed service provider (MSP) route as it saw the benefit of having a single point of contact and the technical support of a trusted partner. This would allow its IT team to focus on running and growing the business.

Flexible SD-WAN provides OceanaGold with dynamic traffic routing and bandwidth allocation to provide an enhanced user experience for more than 2,000 employees across the globe. At the same time, the multinational can allocate internal resources away from WAN management to business-generating projects across its territories in Asia Pacific and North America.

The solution leverages the flexibility of the Orange SD-WAN gateways, with Business VPN Galerie offering private access to Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer and Office 365. This has optimized costs for the multinational as it no longer needs a dedicated MPLS core network.

Through partnering with a managed services provider, we achieved our key goals of gaining greater flexibility and improving the performance of our network to improve global connectivity throughout the organization. Flexible SD-WAN has enabled us to do this, and we look forward to further collaboration with Orange as we accelerate our digital transformation.


Steve VandenBerg, Head of Digital Technology, OceanaGold

Supporting a move to the cloud

With OceanaGold hosting more and more of its applications in the cloud as part of its digital transformation, it also required a secure and flexible way to connect to the Internet. Flexible SD-WAN has allowed it to move away from MPLS to Internet-based application access, reducing overhead costs and increasing network performance. It is also proving to be a solution to the skills shortage, allowing the multinational to better plan for capacity and growth.

Flexible SD-WAN is a fully automated, scalable intelligent network with on-demand virtualized services, centrally orchestrated for end-to-end performance and control. It provides OceanaGold with a flexible and agile way to adapt the enterprise network to user requirements and is future-proofed by completely integrating into the Orange SDN architecture.

Through an easy-to-use interface, the multinational can make dynamic use of its network dynamically to migrate workloads to the cloud and quickly and easily adapt to business change.

The new platform was co-created in close collaboration with Orange Business consulting and professional teams and OceanaGold’s team, from the solution design phase to the deployment. Orange worked with OceanaGold on workshop objectives and outcomes by drawing on the capabilities of its consulting professional services teams to ensure the right outcomes.

employees now have enhanced connectivity experience