A multinational manufacturer was completing a divestment and needed a partner to manage cloud security around the process while negotiations were progressing.

At the same time, the manufacturer was looking for a solution to strategically transition all its corporate applications to the cloud, securing both its own and its customers’ data. In addition, it wanted billing flexibility.

Shoring up business defenses

Orange supplied a global cloud security solution from partner Zscaler. The Zscaler solution is provided as security as a service (SECaaS), so no additional hardware investment or supplementary software is needed. The security deployment was carefully monitored to make sure the manufacturer’s tight deadlines were met to coincide with the divestment.

SECaaS provides consistent, always-on, secure access to applications and services no matter where they are hosted or where users are connecting from. At the same time, the manufacturer gets full visibility of all its traffic and application usage.

The manufacturer now has a flexible, scalable security solution that can be deployed in minutes to meet business demands and reduce threat risk. On the billing front, the SECaaS approach has simplified the manufacturer’s security spending, moving it from a CAPEX to an OPEX model.

Successfully securing a divestment

Orange has successfully secured the manufacturer’s strategic move to the cloud while securing its cloud capabilities, supporting the company through a smooth divestment.

The Orange security solution underpins security for the company’s business-critical applications in the cloud. This has increased confidence in the security of the manufacturer’s own and its customers’ data.