Siemens meets the challenge of Internet threats

Issues and challenges

Siemens is a global player focused on finding ways to improve life in many areas. The company has a passion for technology, sets standards and creates sustainable value for its customers, for society and for each individual. Siemens has identified that its employees are increasingly using business applications to support their work, leading to greater use of the Internet and, in turn, a growing number of “attack points” that are potentially vulnerable.

The company decided to enhance its capability to respond rapidly to the increasing number, scale and complexity of Internet threats. This was also an opportunity to simplify its network and security operations to enable faster and more effective response management.

"The Orange solution gives us the right answer to the new challenges that Internet, cloud computing and mobility have created, ranging from security against new threat vectors to ensuring compliance with corporate policies."

Clemens Olbrich, Global Solution Architect Networks, Siemens AG

The objective

Increase Internet security to protect employees and the business and to cut costs.

  • Orange cloud security: security-as-a-service to replace on-premise appliances
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service for 200,000 users in nearly all Siemens countries except Germany
  • Direct and fast break-out to the Internet via Orange Business VPN
  • Cost model – price per active user per month
  • Project and partner management – Zscaler

The Orange security cloud solution is transforming the Siemens approach to meeting the challenge of Internet threats and is raising the company’s capability to protect its employees and business.

  • Greater capability to identify the exact nature of an attack
  • Faster real-time response minimizes the impact on business activity
  • Clarity of online security management processes
  • Reduced time and costs to stop attacks
  • Simplified management from many local contracts to one Orange frame agreement
  • Pricing structure maximizes Siemens’ buying power
  • Reduced impact on business
  • Greater security capability
  • Lower costs
  • Simplifiedcontract management

Siemens is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy – as well as in the areas of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics

  • Around 351,000 employees in more than 200 countries/regions
  • Operations in 289 major production and manufacturing plants worldwide
  • Office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities or sales offices in almost every country/region in the world