Logic-Immo is migrating its sites and applications to the cloud with Orange

Issues and challenges

  • Migrating 380 servers, 20 websites and applications to the cloud in a very short time frame, without disrupting availability for customers
  • Outsourcing cloud and application infrastructure management so the internal teams can focus on innovation and user services
  • Optimizing IT costs
  • Achieving the best guarantees on availability and security
  • Using a partner to support the teams’ transformation in DevOps mode and by co-innovating to create new user services

The objective: free the internal teams from constraints so they can implement the ideas generated by marketing

“We needed a partner capable of offering innovation, guarantees and the capacity to support us on a very tight schedule. We successfully completed our migration to the cloud with Orange in record time.”

Emeric Jego, Infrastructure Manager, Logic-Immo

"The ultimate goal of the project, which we named “Big Bang,” was to support a technological breakthrough that would enable IT to focus even more on serving the different entities in order to boost the business."

Brice Bidouzo, Technical Director, Logic-Immo



  • Increased agility, with the teams focused on the website and secondary application development
  • Optimized costs with invoicing for actual use of infrastructure and services
  • Website availability and performance with a scalable, flexible platform
  • Innovation thanks to the features and services offered by the Flexible Engine platform (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Support from a reliable, innovative partner capable of managing hybrid clouds


  • 35% savings on servers
  • A remarkable technological breakthrough to stay on the cutting edge of digital
  • More, higher-performing applications
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  • Real estate websites
  • 1 million online real estate adverts
  • 15 million visits per month
  • 22 years in business
  • 350 employees, including 50 in IT