A global pioneer and leader in international health and security risk management, International SOS decided to move business applications, including its business-critical Workforce Resilience (WFR), to the cloud. This would improve efficiency, deliver releases faster to customers and allow it to develop and launch new services. However, it needed to address the concern of data sovereignty for its customers regarding European compliance and cancellation of the Privacy Shield.

International SOS provides tailor-made health and security services for global organizations’ mobile workforces 24/7. With its 26 assistance centers, reachable in 100 different languages, its 5,400 health professionals and its access to over 3,200 security specialists, International SOS helps companies to reduce exposure to and mitigate health, well-being and security risks. Operating out of 90 countries, International SOS looks after 75% of the Fortune Global 100, 65% of the Fortune 500 and deals with over four million assistance calls annually.

International SOS opted to go with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to support its business development ambitions. AWS offered the right level of scalability, cost-efficiency and security the company was looking for. International SOS also wanted an additional layer of secured operations by a European company. The company has a separate provider for customers outside of Europe.

Securing business-critical data in Europe

Orange Business was already a strategic partner for International SOS and has a strategic global partnership with AWS, including migration competency capability. Orange submitted a detailed analysis on risk associated with data leakage and the impact on European-end customers to the company. It also provided an overarching view of how Orange, as a trusted partner, could provide International SOS with better protection than its competitors.

International SOS subsequently chose Orange as its trusted partner to act as its managed service provider. The scope encompasses managing International SOS’s business-critical applications in Europe. Orange strictly complies with EU regulations on data privacy and obeys EU rules regarding EU data stored in EU territories.

International SOS’s European clients’ confidential data is hosted by Orange in France, under the jurisdiction of EU laws regarding data storage and protection. In addition, Orange provides managed services, including a data encryption solution (AWS Cloud HSM), to run European workloads on AWS cloud (OS management) designed to provide greater agility. It also offers operational efficiencies for International SOS and speeds up active developments to deliver new versions of App wizard and develop innovative services.

AWS cloud delivers a highly reliable, easy-to-scale and cost-efficient infrastructure to build powerful cloud solutions to meet business outcomes.

Providing a faster, enhanced service

Orange expertise as an AWS partner has enabled International SOS to optimize its European workloads on the AWS cloud to deliver a faster enhanced service to its customers. The AWS cloud solution brings with it richness in terms of capabilities and automation.

On top of AWS automation services, International SOS is also benefiting from an additional level of security.

Going forward

The project highlights the trust and innovative partnership that has been achieved between Orange and International SOS. In addition to strengthening a long-term relationship with International SOS, Orange has affirmed its position as a strategic partner, providing opportunities to provide additional managed services on AWS for applications and workloads in the future.