In response to the rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 lockdown, Orange Business set up a reliable solution to keep a hotline for victims open. The goal: to enable hotline staff to work from home without losing a single call.

During the lockdown, the hotline for victims of domestic violence, run by a national organization based in France, received over 2,000 calls daily, double the average number of calls received prior to the pandemic. Given the circumstances, it was vital that no call go unanswered. Since hotline staff were confined to their homes, a solution had to be found quickly. This meant that Orange Business had to act extremely fast and within the restrictions provided by the lockdown regulations.

The hotline remained in service with no interruptions.


Laurent Piedallu, Orange Business Account Manager

A fleet of mobile phones and computers

“In this very unique situation, we opted to deliver 30 mobile phones with SIM cards, as well as 10 pre-equipped laptops to take down call references and follow up on cases, to the call handlers' homes,” explains Orange Business Account Manager Laurent Piedallu. The phones were delivered in just 48 hours, and the computers in five business days, instead of the month and a half usually required.

Smart routing for a seamless solution

Call routing was implemented for a seamless user experience. The organization’s hotline remained in service for domestic violence victims, their loved ones and concerned professionals “with no interruptions,” says Piedallu. If one hotline call handler was unable to take a call, it was sent to the next, and so on.

What next?

Since the end of the lockdown in France, the Orange Business teams have been working with the organization to plan ahead and prepare for a potential second lockdown. At the customer’s request, infrastructure improvements were proposed to increase user comfort and reduce costs.

calls per day on average handled with 30 mobile phones with SIM cards and 10 pre-equipped computers deployed in five days

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