The Regional Health Agency (Agence Régionale de Santé or ARS) for Guadeloupe uses a system of webinars to rapidly spread information about COVID-19 to healthcare staff on the island. We shine a light on a solution implemented in just five days.

Rapid and wide dissemination of information

When COVID-19 reached Guadeloupe, with its first case reported in March 2020, the ARS provided hospitals with daily updates about how the pandemic was evolving: the symptoms of the virus, what measures to take to treat patients, how to protect the health of healthcare staff. Information had to be seamlessly communicated to as many people as possible in very short time frames. The Regional Health Agency decided to call on Orange Business to set up a system of webinars that specialists could use to effectively share their health and safety instructions.

Everything went smoothly! Thank you for helping us, working with doctors is never easy as everything can change from one minute to the next.


Patrick Joséphine, CIO of the Guadeloupe ARS

Hundreds of healthcare workers connected via webinars

A first video, aimed at family doctors and medical students, was planned straight away. The principle: an infectious disease specialist specializing in tropical diseases and a doctor involved in improving the patient journey were filmed live via webcam. The video was streamed via a devoted web platform to be shared with the 500 participants. Before the webinar, the participants received a link to a Guadeloupe ARS webpage where they signed up. They then received an alert in their agenda on the day of the event and accessed the webinar on the same page. “We had to act fast,” remembers Antoine Taupin, Event Conferencing Expert at Orange Business.

“There were just five days between the presentation of the solution to the ARS and the broadcast of the first webinar.” In this short time, the urgent mobilization of the teams was a challenge in itself given the strong demand. The agency received upstream support to personalize its platform, as well as support during the test and on the day to check that the webinar went off without a hitch.

A tailored system to respond to the urgent need

Two other webinars took place in the week after the system was set up. One had an audience of a hundred healthcare workers in nursing homes, and the other was watched by 2,000 doctors and medical staff. This video content, archived for 12 months, can be watched again or broadcast more widely to share medical best practices. Conversely, if the ARS wishes, it can limit access to the videos. The Event Conferencing solution has proven to be particularly well-suited to the current situation: its price, based on the length of the webinars, and the number of participants means it can be used flexibly, regardless of the initial need. A tailored system that will continue to be used within the Guadeloupe ARS after the health crisis: a license combined with training means the agency can now create as many webinars as it likes for a year.

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